Value-averaging Investment Plan (VIP)

POSTED BY Reji m ON April 1, 2013 2:21 pm COMMENTS (15)

Dear Experts,

I am thinking about going in the Value-averaging Investment Plan (VIP) for my mutual fund investments. Any idea about is there any excel calculator available for this? If yes, could you please share the URL.



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  1. Kunal says:

    I have started a VIP portfolio using equity. I have modified a bit to suit my needs. I am sharing the portfolio on my blog – – Comments welcome!

  2. Dear Reji, look at the image shared by you & the simplified way i offered to you in my prev. reply given to FFC. both are same. Yes the file shared by you can be used for your own calculation.



  3. Reji m says:


    I googled a lot, and fount couple of excel sheets which explains the VIP concept. I went ahead and modified one excel file as you suggested, this is how it looks. Is this correct?

  4. Dear FFC, I’m not sure of exact details but housewives can avail insurance of 50% sum assured that the husband is having. At least combo policies are offering such insurance. Can’t say for pure term cover.



  5. Dear FFC, a simplified calculation can be done like this.

    After month Actual value Calculated value Amount to be invested
    1 5100 5050 4950 (5050-5100+5000)
    2 9800 10101 5301 (10101-9800+5000)



    1. Yes I realize that it is much simpler this way. Thanks.

  6. Dear Reji, no need to have high knowledge of excel. Sample this – You assumed 1% mly rate of return. So 5000 Rs. invested 1 month ago should have a current value of 5050 Rs. Now based upon your as on date value, you may decide what should be your next investment. That’s it.



    1. Ashal it not as simple as that. You will need to know the reference value of the portfolio. So one will need to the formula for compound interest with increasing principle.

  7. Dear Reji, you can prepare your own calculator very easily in exl.



  8. Reji m says:

    I checked out the link you provided. It is a historical calculator, but what I am looking for is: a calculator which tells me how much would be my investment amount for the current month. Basically a reverse of this calculator which can take initial values like expected returns, min, max investment values etc.

    1. “how much would be my investment amount for the current month”

      This can be done by yourself in just 3-4 lines in excel. It requires initial NAV and NAV 30 days after investment. Just copy first couple of lines in that table and replace it with your data.
      I can send you one if you like.

      OR get a fundindia account and they will do it for you!

    2. Reji,

      I have made a simple excel file for this. I will upload it in my blog next week. If you want it now send me an email.

      1. Reji m says:

        @ FFC. I’ll wait for your blog update.
        @Ashal, my excel knowledge is very poor.

  9. Reji m says:

    oh that’s gr8! I will wait for your calculator.

  10. Dear Reii


    This is by FundsIndia and only for a 3 year period. so advantage over SIP may or may not be conclusive

    I am working on one since sensex inception. I will post it in my blog next week

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