UTI Dividend Yield got rated to 3 stars

POSTED BY Anshuk Jain ON June 7, 2013 7:09 pm COMMENTS (4)

I have good investment in this and now it looks like I will have to shift. What are your opinions on the same?

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  1. Dear Anshuk, please stay invested in this fund as of now & repost the same question after 1Y i.e. in June 2013. By that time, all of us ‘ll come to know the exact performance & the decision to drop or not.



  2. Sumit says:

    Importantly check how its performing against its benchmark and peers.

  3. one should not invest in a equity mutual unless you have a goal that is at least 7-10 years away.
    Star rating will change every few months and should be completely ignored.
    if you have chose a fund with good history (UTI div. yield is one) then you need to keep the faith for a while. Look at the growth of your portfolio growth. That is more important than any rating. if the growth is not as expected for an year or two for a goal that is quite far away it is fine. A good fund will be able to make it up eventually.

    Suppose you do change and the new funds rating goes down in six months what will you do?

  4. PrithviRaj Karnati says:

    I think , you can wait for some time, if it is performing not as you expected and if you compare with other fund which you want to shift is performing Superior , you can think of shifting

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