Understanding SBI Maxgain OD A/C, Savings A/C, Loan Account

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I have taken a loan of Rs. 1800000 from SBI under Maxgain Suraksha scheme. They have sanctioned a total of Rs. 1800000 (Loan) and extra Rs. 57000 for insurance. Now my online a/c with SBI is look like as below:

1. xxxxx2058                         OD                               9.95%            -1802713

2. xxxxx7433                        Savings A/c                    4%                  2500

3. xxxxx6947                  Loan A/c/Maxgain Suraksha     9.95%             11275


Please tell where I need to deposit the extra money in order to use the Maxgain facility. I have to put in OD(1) or in Loan A/c(3)? If i put my extra money in these accounts whether I will be able to withdraw in the future or it will be get debited from the account?




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  1. Dear Tarun, either provide the details of your actual numbers here or contact me over personal mail.



  2. Dear Laxmi, please visit the branch where your loan account is maintained & it’s a 5 min process. Please visit only after cash banking transaction hours are over. so that the staff ‘ll be in relaxed mood & can handle your query easily.



    1. Laxmi Kiran says:

      Thanks Sir!

  3. Laxmi Kiran says:

    Thanks Ashal. Should I collect it from RACPC-loan department or the bank?
    How tedious is the process?


  4. Dear Laxmi, please visit loan serving branch to collect your interest certificate.



  5. Laxmi Kiran says:

    Hi All,

    How do I get the ‘Provisional Home Loan Interest Certificate’ for my Maxgain account?
    Why can’t SBI provide it online or post it to our residential address like other banks do?

    SBI is pathetic when it comes to Customer Service.

    Kindly advise how do I get the certificate?


  6. Dear Tarun, account 1 is your actual Max Gain account. Account 3 is your Insurance prem. amount. To save interest outgo on your prem. amount, i w’d like to park money there. you ‘ll not be able to withdraw this money from Insurance account.

    For depositing & withdrawing surplus money, please park your amount in Acct. 1.

    To be able to withdraw online, please ask your loan servicing branch to provide transaction rights on Acct. 1.



    1. tarun says:

      Dear Ashal, Thanks for your reply. I have deposited some x amount in Account 1 from my savings A/C online but it got never credited to that account but actually it got subtracted from the -ve amount from the account 1. Kindly clarify?

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