Ulip or Mutual fund which is best for long term investment

POSTED BY Rajeev Rajendran ON January 6, 2012 1:58 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi I am 23 years old unmarried guy..Working as a software engineer.I am planning to Investment around 30k to 35k per annum.Its my first investment..After seeing ur forum answers I decided to take up a term plan insurance. Dropped the idea of investin in LIC-Jeevan Anand(which my relative was suggesting).Thank you for your valuable advice.Than I am confused whether to go with ULIP or Mutual fund for long term investment(around 7-10 years) or to invest 15k:15k equal amount in both…As I am a youngester I am willing to take some risk to gain some high returns in long term..

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  1. Dear Rajeev, I’m happy for the fact that I was bale to help you. Please feel free to post your queries in future also.



  2. Rajeev Rajendran says:

    Hi ashal and sajith

    Thanks a lot it gave me a clear picture.:)

  3. Sajithkumar Sreekumar says:

    Hi Rajeev,

    Good that you opted for term insurance. Now that you have your insurance requirement covered. Invest in mutual funds and not in ULIPs as Ashal suggested. Under mutual funds you can also opt for ELSS schemes and save tax under section 80C just like you would show your term insurance under section 80C.


  4. Dear Rajeev, as your insurance related requirements are over with a Term cover, where is the need to go for a ULIP.

    Keep Investment & insurance needs separate.

    For investment, please opt MFs. For a start you may invest 2500 Rs. mly in HDFC Top 200 as your first fund.



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