Ulip as in Investment. Suggestions on my portfolio please?

POSTED BY saurabh kumar ON January 7, 2012 11:15 am COMMENTS (2)

In 2005 I had taken ICICI Lifetime Pension II. Premium rs. 20000 per year, and sum assured rs. 210000. That time I did not have an idea about its pitfalls and high initial expenses. Anyway, then I started actively managing it with the available free switches to try make the best out of it. I am now seeing this as a purely investment and not as an insurance.

Till now, since 2005, I have paid around rs. 60000 as premium, and its current fund value is showing as rs. 102020.

Current asset distribution is 21% equity.

The portfolio is into Flexi Balanced(11%), Protector(75%) and maximizer(14%).

Please provide your valuable suggestions with todays market scenarios for my future suggested actions. I can stay invested if recommended as I do not have immediate requirements to liquidate.

Should I continue and tweak my portfolio to shift towards equity 70% ? If yes, what are recommend funds in this ulip?
Would being only in Flexi Balanced be fine, or should I try Flexi Growth (70%) and protector 30% , or some other combination, or let it be as-is?
Or actually completely take out my money now from it?

Your views on this investment of mine please.

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  1. Dominic Prakash says:

    Lifetime is not a bad policy. If you had used the fund switch option you would have seen even better returns. Check the average NAV and if the current NAV is less than or close to your average NAV then you should topup the “Protector” fund.

    Anyway you should continue.

  2. Dear Saurabh, if after paying just 60K Rs. prem. & considering the initial high charges, you are sitting on a profit due to active management. My take please continue your active management. As the high charge period is now over & you want to treat this policy purely for investment purpose & being a retirement plan, please start paying more prem. in to this policy to maximize your benefits. As you are managing your policy actively & are able to reap p[rofits, you can be the best judge for fund selection.



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