types of mutual funds

POSTED BY Madan ON February 28, 2013 2:48 pm COMMENTS (7)

Dear sir,

I want to know about the TYPES OF MUTUAL FUNDS. In google i finded some types .. but it was very confusing. some websites giving different answers.. please give me exact types of mutual funds.

     Thank u.

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  1. Dear Radhey, please check out the names spelt out above & google the same for easy understanding. As you are preparing for exam, May I know which exam you are referring to?



  2. Dear Madan, the funds you are referring to are sub classification of Debt funds. You can call these funds as Ultra Short Term Debt funds.



  3. Madan says:

    what about the money market/liquid fund ?

  4. Dear madsn, please read my reply again. Am I not talking the same thing which you are referring to?

    Please read again my above reply. I wrote the asset class. Just add the fund as suffix & you ‘ll get Eq. fund, Gold fund, Debt fund.



  5. Madan says:

    But in books and websites showing some other types.. like 1.EQUITY FUNDS 2. DEBT FUNDS 3. HYBRID FUNDS… what are these ? which funds come under these funds.. and what are the money market/liquid funds, gilt funds ?

  6. Dear Madan, the MFs are classified first on the basis of underlying assets. Like


    Now there may be some hybrid funds who are investing in 2 or more asset class. SAY Debt + Eq. or Eq. + Gold or DEBT + Gold or All 3.

    This is very basic calssification. Now under each asset class & even for hybrid funds, there is more classification down the line.

    Say for EQ. Large cap or Mid cap or Small cap or Multicap or Sectoral & similarly for debt funds – Ultra short term, short term, medium term, long term, gilt……

    Please check on these guidelines.



    1. radhevajrakaya@gmail.com says:

      for exam ,, Explain any seven types of Mutual Fund.??

      What should I write..Kindly guide me my exams are near.

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