Transfer home loan from ICICI to SBI max gain ?

POSTED BY Rohit ON March 6, 2014 7:34 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi Ashalanshu,

First of all thank you for putting extremly helpful information here.
I have home loan of 34 Lakh  in ICICI bank at ROI 10.65%. My current outstanding balance 33 Lakh. Right now SBI have ROI 10.15%. If I transfer my current loan to SBI then Balance transfer cost will be approx 38,000 Rs. (16,000 processing fee + 18,000 mortgage charge + 4,000 other charge).
Following is my questions.

1. Should I transfer my loan to SBI? I am hesitating because I need to pay extra 38,000 Rs.
2. Is there de-mortgage charges applicable when loan is closed?
3. If I decide to transfer my loan to SBI Maxgain then,
a. Which one is preferable? Invest 2 Lakh Rs. in FD for 2 years at 9.5% ROI OR parking 2 Lakh in Maxgain OD account?

b. can I continue my ICICI lombard Insurance policy after transfering loan to SBI.

c. Is general home insurance is compulsory to take from SBI. I already have home insurance from ICICI bank.

Please advise.



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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Rohit, please check my reply to your similar query in SBIMax Gain discussion.



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