Traditional Life Insurance policy discontinued after one and half year – what can be done to recover loss?

POSTED BY Saravanan ON June 5, 2013 10:23 am ONE COMMENT

Dear Experts, My cousin brother has taken a Life Insurance policy from Tata AIG, I was not aware when he has taken it. The premium amount is 50K/annum which he has paid as quarterly. He has completed 6 quarters which amounts to 75K paid and has stopped as he could not make payment due to financial constraints. The agent has cleverly sold this policy, he has not given much details. When I went to Tata AIG customer care, they mentioned it’s like a traditional insurance policy and needs at least 3 years to get a Cash Value. Even if we re-instantiate this policy after 3 years, Cash value would be only 41K, however premium paid would be 1.5 Lakh. Even the returns are like peanuts even choose to continue it, that also up to 75 years. My cousin brother is not fluent in English and even application photocopy there are incorrect information filled by the agent as his profession as clerk though he works as a welder in a fixture company. 70K is big amount for him. I spoke to the Customer Care in person, he repeats that the applicant has agreed to all this when signing. When I mentioned its mis-sold, he says it’s the first case reported – It was very funny to me. He wanted us to give feedback to manager against the agent. Anyway that would not help us anyway so we came back. I understand this is a classic case how Insurence Company makes money. Just wanted to check is there anything my brother can do to recover the loss?

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  1. Dear Sarvanan, please file a written complain first with the Insurer. If the matter is not sorted out, please file a written complaint with Insurance Ombudsman.



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