Total Investment Planning

POSTED BY rashmi1agrawal ON March 18, 2012 12:18 pm COMMENTS (9)

Me n My Husband are both looking for long term Investment into diverisfied portfolio.Both r working , with no kids yet. Investment with good returns and can be manage as we are NRE.

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  1. BanyanFA says:

    In the current situation, you must really take advantage on NRE Fixed Deposits. We got so many of our clients NRE deposits and the interest been invested into Mutual Fund SIPs. It secures your capital and lets the interest to be invested into high risk – high return assets.

    Let me know if you need any further details on how to get this done.

    Banyan Financial Advisors

    1. says:

      Hello BFA,

      Thank you for your prompt response. I m also looking forward for the NRE FD’s. Can you please suggest for how many years I shld plan, as I m getting 9.25% for 1 year and how can transfer into MF and go further with SIP??

      What will fetch more return in future GOLD or FD’s.

      Pls clarify …

      1. Dear Rashmi, please share your details. In case you are asking specifically for NRE FDs, in my opinion, please opt for long term FDs say 10Y. Invest the interest in between in to Eq. MFs of your choice.



        1. says:

          Dear Mr. Ashal,

          How can I fetch amount in between if reqd frm long FD’s to invest in MF? Can i go for interest on quaterly bases so, that I can invest in MF? Hw you can differentiate whether long term bases keeping in Gold is better or long FD’s ..


          1. Dear Rashmi, please check with the bank you are dealing for your NRE deposits for it’s policies of interest credits, early redemption & any penalty if applicable…..

            You may invest your interest into MFs.



        2. says:


          We are also looking for Term Insurance plan , I have one offer for Met life Alico which covers worldwide . Can u pls suggest shall we go for it ?? will tell u details later in next reply.


          1. Dear Rashmi, have you disclosed your NRI status to Metlife? Please confirm the same.



  2. Rashmi,

    Plan is different for each individual. Every Plan is based on some common financial ground rules. Please share more details like : Your earning, Your husband’s earning. Investment done so far, Loans if any, any other commitments. These details are very much essential for giving suggestions.

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