To continue or stop ? (Max Life Life Gain Plus 20 Participating Plan)

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I want to thank you first for the superlative advice you provide. For some who gets cold feet just in the name of investing, I find your advice practical, simple and directly useful.

A few years ago, I had to pick up a policy while looking for a bank locker (reality bites!). The policy is ‘Max Life Life Gain Plus 20 Participating Plan’

I’ve paid a total of 4 premiums – Aug-11, Aug-12, Aug-13, Aug-14. There are two more premiums to go.

My question is simple. Is there a nice and clean way to exit this with minimal losses ? From whatever I could understand of the product reviews, this policy is useless and returns are lower than an FD – terminal illness rider is practically the only silver lining.

And while we are at this, another related question. I started investing 2 lacs/annum in ‘Max  Life Maxis Super’ since this July, hoping to create a ‘safe pot’ for the long run. Not able to find much in terms of reviews. Any thoughts on this please ?

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