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POSTED BY jigneshdesai05 ON June 7, 2012 8:59 pm ONE COMMENT

Before buying Property , what steps should be taken to ensure that Title is clear ?

After buying , what is more important to ensure that nobody else can legally claim ownership to that Property –

(A) Having it registered at Sub Registrar’s Office ? OR

(B) Having entry made in Form 8A & 6 (Hak Patrak) from Talati Mantri (Meaning , having it transferred to one’s name in the records at the Collector Office) ?

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  1. Dear Jignesh, are you planning to purchase a property? If Yes from your own source or with a bank loan? If it’s from bank loan, the bank ‘ll ask the title clearance report as well as search report & other related property documents to determine the authenticity of the title.

    If you are purchasing from bank loan, the bank ‘ll ask for mortgage of the property & thus there ‘ll be an entry in the office of registrar against the property that there is a loan on property with that bank & with out the consent of bank, the property can not be sold.



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