Time horizon for Mutaul Fund Investments

POSTED BY Dilip ON November 25, 2011 10:19 pm COMMENTS (2)

Many times the advisors suggest a MF sheme for long term investment through SIP. Now consider that I have chose a scheme for investment for 10 years through SIP, which is doing well today. After a period of say 3 years, the scheme fails to give expected returns. Should I still continue my SIP in this scheme till the end of 10 year’s period? OR Should I discontinue the SIP and go for another scheme which might be doing well at that time? If I go on changing my schemes like this there will be many schemes in my portfolio at the end of 10 years.
You can take example of the Reliance Regular Saving Scheme for understanding my question. Few months before some advisors were recommending this scheme for investment. Now they are suggesting to shift to other schemes as this scheme is not doing well. What should one do if he has invested in this scheme for last few years through SIP with long term view in mind? Should he continue the SIP in this scheme for remaining years OR should he withdraw all the money invested in this scheme uptill now and invest in another scheme? If he follows second option, then what will be his position if, till the end of the period, he has number of schemes in his portfolio.

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  1. Dear Dilip, in addition to what dear Abhishek has said, you should look at the performance of the scheme in question yourself. If it’s fulfilling your requirement even after decline in performance, you may continue with it. Normally 12-18 months period should be given to correct the performance of the scheme in question. Beyond that period, you may think to switch the scheme in favor of another one.



  2. Abhishek says:

    Hi Dilip,

    You can look at Index Funds, if you do not want to track the schemes and so on. You should be happy with the Index returns with some tracking error.

    Active fund management has to be reviewed. You may or not make changes.


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