Tikona harassment – Got a call from their lawyer to appear in Court !

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Hello all,

I had subscribed for Tikona’s broadband services in October 2013 for six months i.e. up to April 2014. As the service was not up to the mark I did not bother renewing it but to my surprise Tikona renewed my connection and sent me a bill of Rs. 4436/- for a further 6 month period which I haven’t paid.

Today I got a call from an associate of a lawyer R K Gupta who told me a case has been filed against me in Delhi and that I will have to pay the amount or appear in court in Delhi on Monday. I presume he’s working as a clerk as no cases can be heard unless the other party has been giving summons. I told him to send me my contract where it states that I have signed up for an auto renew feature. Still haven’t got a reply there. Thereafter I went on their site and found this gem:

These terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with laws of India, without regard to the choice or conflicts of law provisions of any jurisdiction. You agree, in the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions or any dispute arising in relation to the web site whether in contract or tort or otherwise, to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts located at Mumbai, India for the resolution of all such disputes.

After that I got a call from Akash from customer care asking me to pay and then he told me my connection was disconnected on the 10th of June, 2014 and that to get a NO DUES certificate all I was required to do was pay Rs. 1,830/- and that will be that. Well in my naivete I went ahead and paid it and then I was told that I will have to pay the full amount as this doesn’t discharge me of my liabilities. I wish I hadn’t been stupid in believing that but now I know better.

This is also stated in their email: Please note that the Modem provided by Tikona and installed in your premises is a wireless transmitter imported by the company under a license issued by WPC wing, Department of Telecom, Government of India. Possession of such equipment, under your ostensible charge, is prohibited under THE INDIAN WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY ACT 1933 ACT XVII OF 1933.” 

SO, basically they’ve given all Tikona subscribers equipment which is prohibited by the Government? Would love to have an explanation about that too.

Tikona is obviously a company out to defraud people and threaten them about cases being filed. If you or any of your friends want to apply for a Tikona connection then please don’t. Standing under a falling piano would be more fun than handling Tikona’s irregular connection and their inept customer service.

Please tell me what I should do or not do now? Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Aamir Shafi says:

    I also got a call like this, i told him my attorney will call them . Then they hung up. Now my question is is this for real or just one of their employee calling us pretending to b a lawyer???

    1. Its just a way to scare others !

    2. Rohit says:

      From yesterday i m getting call from some advocate from patiyala high court to pay the bill of rs 3300/-I stoped connection on may 2017.Still i m getting calls plzz help..

  2. Avinash says:

    Have you guys really received any notice summons from Police as per the calls from advocate regarding TIKONA due bill payment ?

  3. YASHI says:

    i have received similar calls from tikona today. they are expecting me to pay 2100 rs even after i mailed them for discontinuation. they kept charging me after that asked me to pay if i want to discontinue. i regret the day that i registered for tikona.

  4. mohammad sadab says:

    I am getting a call from a lawyer , he told me to pay the bill within half an hour otherwise, he will issue a warrant against me and I will have to appear in Delhi court and I will not be able to get any job in govt. Sectors.

    he is mentally harrassing me and I would like to file a case against such people.

    Plz help me in this regard

    1. This is a pure fraud !

  5. grace boussi says:

    just this morning I am from receiving the same call and asking me to paid 3500rs for something I didn’t even use…asking me the same thing….a government lawyer called me to ask me to paid or appear to the court, so now am a bit scared as I am a foreigner student in this place and doesn’t want to have any issue with the authority of this country.

    1. Dont worry. Its juts a harrasment !

    2. Avinash says:

      Did you really receive any notice ? I too getting calls from last week.

  6. Ritika says:

    Worst service of all times. Wen I was using tikona I couldn’t use their internet even to pay their own bills. My 3G worked better. And then they send such fake calls and threats to recover money for the service we never used!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Ritika

  7. Raj says:

    Guys i have also got harassment cout legal issues even fter paying, just write to CEO TIKONA MAIL IS
    prakash.bajpai@tikona.in Send him mail nd write all ur complaints

    1. Thanks for sharing that Raj

  8. Shantanu says:

    We were victim of poor service of Tikona; their customer service was not so bad, and they did respond every time but the core problem of frequent network drop was never solved. In person and over phone, their personnel did admit about the poor quality of the service and explained reasons of why it was unreliable and the causes of frequent network drop for extended period. I have kept some record of complaints made. We have returned the CPE /Modem and all accessories in working condition.
    We have ensured to send notice of non-renewal during the currency of contract, we also thereafter communicated not to renew automatically. Further, we have called customer service several times to reported about the harassment for payment though their service was discontinued, and yet we responded to every call for recovery by conveying them about non-renewal. We continue to get threatening calls, not they have started sending threatening SMS.
    We have sent registered letters to their registered address, and also sent letters to the attention of their management.
    This matter needs to be escalated to the regulatory authorities, and the concerned minister.
    If this blog, and others are able to get 50 signatures, I will be able to send it to at least 50 members of parliament across party lines who will take up the matter with the ministry for consumer redress. In addition, if people are willing to discuss with media, I will contact reputed print and electronic media. We should not yield and surrender, and it will encourage them to intimidate innocent customers evermore; furthermore the unjust enrichment will make them even more powerful.

    1. A lot of other people have given bad feedback for tikona !

    2. rudraswami says:

      thks for sharing ths, i’m also facing same problem

  9. Mohan Kumar says:

    same here I have two times call Mrs Saini Mobileno-9899463617 and Mrs Kajal Tripati Mobile No –

    9873149527 and said to me for case file in Thees Hazari Court
    for Regarding me bill payment what i will to sir

    1. DOnt worry . Nothing happens . So many people facing same issue

      1. Avinash says:

        Did you really receive any notice ? I too getting calls from last week.
        Any action taken please update.

  10. Deepak says:

    I Deepak Gupta using the Tikona networks. And the problem is I haven’t used my connection since January and I had put it to halt due to some reasons. Now when my halt charges generated, I paid the whole outstanding amount and then I’ve written a email to disconnect the connection. They sended me the request number and they assured they will call me in 72 hours. Then I waited and I received a call I asked him to disconnect the connection and after 5 mins they have said that they will look into this matter and soon disconnect it. Then i don’t know bill of ₹910 is generated at my name. And I haven’t plugged the router in switch board. Still a bill is generated. Please tell me what to do now. One thing for sure I will not give them any money. Please suggest me a way to get out this fraud company. Thank you

    1. krish says:

      Do Not pay, Mine also same. they are not disconnecting the connection hence we emailed also, they sending bill and saying you have used the internet..! which is strange..!! I got a Fake call also don’t need to be panic..!! We can book a case against fake calls…!!

  11. Darshan Alhate says:

    Hi ,

    I am getting a call from a lawyer called Nisha Verma, she told me to pay the bill within half an hour otherwise, she will issue a warrant against me and I will have to appear in Delhi court and I will not be able to get any job in govt. Sectors.

    She is mentally harrassing me and I would like to file a case against such people.

    Plz help me in this regard

    1. Check other comments on the same issue

  12. Guru Patnaik says:

    Like wise.. i have been constantly ignoring them and they have been constantly calling me in a period of every three months or so… if the court wants to summon us it will be via registered letter via post and not via phone calls… is it not…
    I would also like to stop getting the calls… please let me know if you guys are planning to file a counter case or any such thing.

    1. Hi Guru

      There is one guy who has left his details in comment section. You can contact him for filing case !

  13. Arif Jamal says:

    Thanks Manish bhai,
    After going through the provided queries and the answers given by you,I have realised these are fraudsters.
    A similar situation happened with me.When the fake advocate Shivani Sharma contacted me ,she said that the amount is Rs.2500,and just after talking to her when I contacted the Tikona customer care,they told that the billing amount is Rs.2370 .They themselves are confused for what is the genuine recovery amount.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Arif !

  14. sachin says:

    Manish chauhan..pls give me ur number or you call me 7503510883. . Because I am also facing some problem form tikona…

    1. Please mention your query here .

    2. Jayanta says:

      Did u got any relief.I am facing the same issue

  15. Abbu says:

    I have received many calls since Feb 15 threatening that I would be jailed and to face a penalty of Rs 15000..I just wanna can a case be filed like this??

    1. From what others have mentioned in the comment, looks like this is just a tactic to scare people !

  16. Niranjan says:

    I sure want to sue them. Got a call from them today just 30 min ago. The person was very rudely talking so I asked him his Membership no. He came up with some random no. and when I told him that I cannot find his details on the delhi bar council website nor anywhere else, he started scolding me with all sorts of curse languages. I will ensure that this company never ever enter our office premises. I have already replaced them at my two office in last 2 years. But I really want to sue them collectively. Faking someone is also an offence in IPC. Please mail me at nkspro@gmail.com, we will put a collective court case.

    BTW I had already written them through mail that I would be moving to some other place and cannot continue the services. They kept asking me to give the connection to my neighbours and friends and relatives. I said them that I would not be available at the address beyond 15th Oct and that fell on dumb ears. They kept pursuing me through mail and phone. I moved in Oct 2016 and after 2 months I received a bill of 399+100 late fee. The late fee then kept adding every month – I mean really?

    Lets form a whatsapp group and then come forward to sue them collectively.

    1. THanks for mentioning your email here Niranjan

      I am sure many others who are facing the same issue will email you in next couple of months .. You can get go ahead and collectively sue them !

    2. Krishna says:

      7066859847 my no. Please add me to this what’s app group. I am also facing this problem . First they tell me 1000 RS and now another parson told 831 RS. I want counter case against tikona. please help me and reply me. Right now again the first person told me to pay or you come with your lawyer to Delhi court, I told him do what you want and sent me notice first. If any body facing same issue please reply me.
      And one question

      please reply I m frustrated

      1. Shuyab Alam says:

        hey guys.. im suffering too.

        what should we do about it…

  17. Aman says:

    And this time they sent a representative and i wasnt home, so my mother calls me up saying do we have to pay tikona people anything? I spoke to the guy and warned him if he ever shows his face at my door without prior information and permission. And its been one year since disconnection and they havent sent a single engineer to take down the roof top device

    1. Thats really unacceptable .. I think you did the right thing !

  18. Shashank tanwar says:

    I just got the same call from an advocate that they are filing a case against me for not paying the bill and he also said that they have also sent a legal notice to my home which I didn’t receive. he gave me half an hour to complete my dues. what to do ….please help..
    and I would also like to tell you that the voice of the person on the call was very unusual like very heavy probably made with a voice changing application. but right now I am frightened … should I really block his no. and ignore?
    and if its a fraud advocate then we should really form a group together and take a strict action towards him

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

  19. Sani says:

    Did anyone have resolved the case till the end.

  20. Shivam Singh says:

    Similar case happened with me ,Got a call from Mob 9899847921..I am not gonna pay a single rupee too.

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

    2. Shashank tanwar says:

      bro it happened with me today….im too not going to pay a single penny …but still im afraid ??

      1. Thanks for your comment Shashank tanwar

  21. Aman says:

    Got a call from some advocate’s assistant and she gavee some case number and said filing case against me so just informing, wtf. This is one year after disconnection and tikona sends me a bill of 1000 something. Any suggestions ?

    1. Nothing .. many people are getting it and nothing happens !

    2. Annir says:

      Ya. Even I have the acknowledgement receipt of the termination from the engineer, but still they don’t even care to update in their system. Lawyer (part time Tikona employee it seems) whose number is 9891003098 (503 people reported this as spam in Truecaller) called me several times. But I asked to my father who deals with the legal activities, so he suggested don’t reply or block them until you get a written letter from them or call from police station. These thugs having no work operate from Delhi. So don’t panic Aman. I am ready to fight with them.

  22. Venkatesh says:

    I had also received similar call. that too after 8 months time. All payment have been done in time & communications to disconnect the account with Tikona was also done in writing. Can there be an end to this? Kindly suggest please

    1. Nothing to be done .. nothing happens !

  23. Tanmay says:

    Hi, A Guy called me just 10 min ago saying he is lawyer at Tees hajari Court Delhi And I have to pay dues 1700rs
    I have terminated my connection 6 months ago though they Gave bill of 1700rs.
    As many people says in my case same thing happned
    What should I do now??

  24. Hrishi says:

    Hello All,

    I received a call from a ‘so called’ lawyer from Delhi and she told me that she would file a case against me because I have not dome full n final payment (after connection termination) to Tikona. I have not used the internet service for the period for which the bill has been generated. I have got threat to appear in Delhi before court.

    1. Nothing will happen… just chill

      1. prashant mishra says:

        Thanks manish

  25. surender says:

    I also got the same call from tikona advocate. Please suggest. Any one got the saman from tikona site. What’s the next. You guides are submitted any amount or not.

    1. Just ignore like all others

  26. Aakash says:

    This is such a idiotic game these people play. I had like 20-25 calls to disconnect their service. These people sent me a bill of 3600, then after a few calls, said it was 0. then i get a mail saying i still have to pay 1200. Firstly they had pathetic service and secondly they spend money rather on doing this than to give customers a better serice
    I have been having the same issue. My lawyer spoke to the Person and keeps threatening me about all loans, passport, jail, VISA and stuff.

    1. Thanks for your comment Aakash

  27. Akshay says:

    Guys we can do best thing by forming a group and filing all cases altogether we would be the strong side and we can teach them just in case they take a legal action from their side

    1. dev says:

      Hi I would also like to file a case against this Tikona Company for providing very bad Internet Service. You can contact me on gaglanidev@gmail.com.

      1. Harsh Vardhan says:

        me too wanna file a case against them

      2. mudit jain says:

        hi i am facing same situation here !! wanna case against tikona contact me 1996mudit1502@gmail.com

    2. Ali9 says:

      Im also facing same issue. Once u disconnect their network they do the same with everyone it seems They sent me a legal notice through advocate. Lets form a group and complain. Lets shut down this company for good.

      1. Thanks for your comment Ali9

    3. Arif Jamal says:

      Yes brother,you are right. Threatening people of court case and jail is just a stupidity and totally an unexpected gesture provided by a company such as Tikona.
      For sure we should file a petition against this matter as it is completely disturbing that you receive a call anytime and they play fool with you.
      And even individually we must ask for compensation from those guys and company because of giving mental pressure ,tension and wasting our time.

  28. Debraj says:


    I received a confirmation that says the service is stopped and receiving call that says if you use in future you will be charged. If you put gun on my head i will still not use your service so please leave me and stop calling me and take you sad devices out of my house.

    Please stop calling me and bothering me. I had a hard time with your service. Last payment I made for the whole month and I was hardly able to use connection for 10 days. I have called so many times your customer care that it might be a record history. My neighbors have faced same issues. Its not only me. Please I don’t want to continue your connection and leave me alone for god sake. I have wasted my hard earned money and now please don’t waste my time, It was really a bad experience. Please take your wires and sad devices out of my house if you want but stop mailing me and calling me, I don’t wat to get reminded that I made such bad mistake after I read all about tikona reviews in internet before opting the connection.

    My Tikona id is 1115093814, please kindly end this. have mercy.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Tikona update
    Date: Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 9:36 PM
    Subject: Update for your Tikona account
    To: “debraj.ghsh@gmail.com”

    This is a system generated Email, please do not reply to this mail. Kindly refer to the customer care details provided in the mail below.


    Greetings from Tikona!

    We would like to thank you for your continued patronage. We are aware that you are experiencing some issues which we would like to resolve at the earliest. We understand the inconvenience being caused to you due to it.

    We would like to assure you that we are in the process of resolving it to your entire satisfaction. We value you as a customer and will do everything to keep providing you with the highest levels of customer service that you are accustomed to.
    Basis your request number 1-3944825043 for your Tikona user id: 1115093814, we have stopped charging you rentals for the service. You will be charged upto your bill cycle date or upto your request date or upto your last usage date whichever is later. If you wish to use the service anytime, you can do so. You would be charged 5paise/MB (excluding tax)@ a speed of 4Mbps only when you actually use the service.
    We do trust that through our sincere effort we will be able to resolve any and all valid technical or commercial problems and will work towards maintaining a long term client relationship with you.

    Customer Care
    Tikona Digital Networks

    Now the advocate calls and threaten to pay money for which I have not used.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Debraj

  29. s d jagtap says:

    Just got a call from tikona wakil, he is claiming that his name is Adv. Pandey from Delhi and case against you going to put up in front of magistrate today at 12pm, so I have to settled my Airtel pending bill amount Rs. 1395 and confirm the same before 12. if not then penalty will be charged Rs. 55000/-

    1. What happened after 12 ? Did they call again ?

      1. donel says:

        Everyone has been putting up their issues, yet i am not able find any actual solutions or the consequences of avoiding their warnings. Is simply avoiding their warnings enough? Because the bill keeps on increasing every month. Would be really helpful if any information or consequences after their so called deadlines is provided. Please someone provide some information after the deadlines.

        1. Other than others sharings, we dont have info on this

  30. Praktan says:

    Hi Guys ,

    I was having a look at all those option . It is sure that they are fraud lawyers . You need to be cool and state those things .

    You can also threaten them of suing a case :

    Section 170 makes impersonating a public servant a punishable offence. It states, “who ever pretends to hold any particular office as public servant, knowing that he does not hold such office or falsely impersonates any other person holding such office, and in such assumed character does or attempts to do any act under color of such office, shall be held guilty of personating a public servant”.

    Section 389 : putting person in fear of accusation of offence,
    in order to commit extortion

    Hope this helps ..

    1. Thanks for sharing that,

      I want to now convert this to an article to educate masses.

      Can you throw somelight on the laws related to this? Can a company lawyers call like this ? Is it legal ?

  31. Nirjhar Dave says:

    I got a call today from +919990196579. The lady told me that she is calling me from Delhi Civil Court and the there is a case against me filed by Tikona because of non payment of Rs 1241/- (241 + 1000 fine)

    She said that you will have to go to every hearing, and you’ll further get a 84000/- penalty if you fail to do so.

    I told her that my internet never worked and even after repeated complaints and emails, I got no resolution from Tikona.

    But she kind of threatened me of plausible actions from Tikona.

    Please advice whether I should mail Tikona people or ignore all these calls?

    Shall I seek help from my cousin who is a consumer forum judge?

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

    2. Vikram says:

      I got a call from the same number and the lady was talking some rubbish English and she said that they’ve filed a case against me and all my cards including my aadhaar card, credit card and visiting cards (lol) has been blocked. I was a bit nervous when she called me but now after reading all these posts, I am kinda ok. Would you please let me know what happen next?

      1. Thanks for sharing that Vikram

    3. Ridhima Grover says:

      I have seen ur msg
      I have also received a call from mumbai advocate
      Is it really true
      What did they do then
      Or are they from tikona only??
      Can you plz tell me
      I guess these people are threatening with the help of these advocates
      Nothing else

    1. Anki says:

      hi even i have received same call today from someone named Neha – Advocate Delhi from #9891003098, she was giving me some number saying this is your case number , go to nearby police station and show this number they will ask you further actions and you will have to be present at Delhi for hearing and all, what should i do further?

      1. Thanks for sharing that Anki

  32. Shiv says:

    I also got a call from tikona and they said me i m.from cyber crime they filed a case against me and they will issue a warrant is it true?

    1. Calls like these are very frequent. Kindly read others comment on this and take decision

  33. Siva says:

    Even I am not having tikona connection with my name or email they are saying that civil case is filed against you. Come to Delhi police station and collect the notice. I am staying in chennai with my friends room and one of my friend took internet connection.Due to some network issue i called to customer care. But i dont know how they got my number. continuously they are calling and saying the same come and collect notice.

    Is there any way to punish them?


    I was using TIKONA broadband for a few months in my previous residence. When I have shifted from there, I informed them that before two weeks that, I am moving to a new place and if they can provide their service there I am interested in continuing the broadband connection. My bills were clear because they take their money in advance. After a few days a person called me and told that it is not possible for them to provide the broadband connection in my new residence as they have no service over that area. Another man called me and told me that he took all the equipment s from my old house. After one month a man claimed as an advocate from Delhi called me and told me to pay Rs.25,000/- otherwise I will get arrested. I ignored that call. Today again a lady called me and told the same thing. Only the amount was different Rs. 30,000/- Her number is 08743017031

    1. They are doing this with everyone !

      1. Satyajit Nikam says:


  35. Mashood says:


    I tolerated their(Tikona) bad service for 2years.Connectio never worked,when we call to their customer care it will take 30 to 40 mins,after that they verify the connection and tell there is no issue in you connectivity.when I asked them for complaint Id they told as there is no problem we can’t take complaint.I argued with them for 1 month daily by wasting 1 hr daily and beg them to send a person to check connectivity at my home.In this period I was paying the full amount to them.Then I took ACT connection and asked them to disconnect the service several times,but they didn’t do.They told you can keep our connection as a secondary.Finally they told we cant disconnect,but if you dont use it we will not charge you.
    I disconnected but they keep on sending the bill,by adding the amount every month,for which I ignored.
    Yesterday I got a cal from Delhi High court lawyer to pay the bill,else he will file cases against me.
    Please tell me what to do,as I don’t have any email communication with them.

    1. There are lots of cases like this. Read the comments section and what people are doing .. they are IGNORING !

  36. chetan singh says:

    since few weeks i’m getting threatening calls from tikona delhi legal office to pay the remaining amount and i’ve told them many times that i’ve already paid what i did used, but today i got a call from delhi high court that girls calls herself as a advocate of tikona service and she asked me about it, i explained her everything, but she said tikona company filed a cased against me in delhi court, as i’m from indore (m.p,) and tikona is mumbai based company so i’m not getting this point that why that case filed against me in delhi court, can anyone help me out here, my contact no. is 9030211002.

    1. Thanks for sharing that chetan singh

  37. Nimai Nagar says:

    Same Here!!!…
    Just now I got a call from a Lawyer in Delhi on behalf of tikona!
    Pay within half an hour or case is registered.
    Is there anything to worry about?
    As it’s from delhi, basically it should from Mumbai.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Nimai Nagar

    2. Ridhima Grover says:

      The same i also got a call today
      I am from delhi
      And they filed my case in mumbai

  38. And now i am the target, a lawyer called me and started arguing with me and when she realised i am not afraid to their bullshit threat she said me STUPID….!
    I fact i was talking to her very calmly..!
    This is totally Threatning…!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sagar mahajan

  39. Praktan says:

    I am also getting a call same from a person called Ranjit Singh Dhilon. He is saying the same story and pay it within 30 mins or a case will be filed. Is there any thing to worry, or their guys are calling and harassing

    1. Its just like a threatening call !

  40. srinivas says:

    Today i have got call from delhi stating that they are layer and to pay tikona bill i have sent mail to disconnect and i have proof of it so i think they cannot go legally and win it

    1. Hi srinivas

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  41. Prashant Saxena says:

    I got a harrassment call. They said if dues are paid, I will get a penalty of Rs.150000. I asked what if I win, then what will I get. They said Rs150000. So I asked them to proceed 🙂

    Don’t worry guys, if you have the emails, then you can yourself sue the company and win some amount. Tikona is a fraud company which survives on leeching people. Anyone with a lawyer or good understanding of law can earn lakhs by suing Tikona.

    1. Glad to know that Prashant Saxena ..

  42. avnish says:

    i am getting threatening calls from 8826693291. The guy vijender sharma calls himself to be advocate in delhi tis hazari court. It was April when i requested them multiple times for disconnections and same was confirm by there executive. Now they say i have to pay bill of Rs 1800.
    It would be of great help if anyone can hare your experience after resolution of the case (calls you got from 8826693291 as legal notice).

    1. Thanks for your comment avnish

    2. Harshal says:

      I have also received a call from this same person vijendar sharma for non payment of my bill which i had closed.
      He threatened me to pay the bill in 1 hour or he will file a case against me in Delhi High court and i wil have to come to Delhi with my lawyer

      1. Thanks for your comment Harshal

  43. GautamMajumdar says:

    It’s my turn now , to be harassed. I received a call yesterday from +91-7220928149 claiming to be a public prosecutor in sessions court , Delhi . Asked me to pay 3586 in next 30 mins . I asked him to sms me the section under which it is filed to which he did not reply. He added the standard threat “Yo will have to hire a lawyer an fight the case . The court will issue a warrant in your name” . Then he hung up. I had a disturbed sleep last night. I feel so much better now after reading these posts.

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hey GautamMajumdar

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


  44. chetan says:

    Few months ago I took the tikona net services with the aprox 500/- monthly plan . Since the beginning every day I had been facing lots of problems in teams of loss connectivity, slow speed and lack of services to resolve the problems. Daily I connected to customer care to raise my problems and request them to resolve that ASAP but always they were committing false commitments as usual. However I was paying my bills on time with the hoping one day they will resolve my problems.

    One day I decide to hold them services and use something else. So i called tikona custmer care and asked them to discontinue my connection he asked me a reason and i told them everything so he said ok sir your services will be discontinue. i did paid all the bills all the time.

    the emailed me bill of remaining months i called many times to tikona customer care and told them that i’ve paid everything and emailed them many times. I called many time and explained all the things .

    It’s mentally harassing me and my office partner. Please help me to take a legal action against them. I strongly trust and faith on consumer forum.

    Below are the numbers from I and my wife is getting call for mentally harassment.


    Tikona Id: – 1115148681
    Thank you
    Chetan Singh
    you can mail me on chetancs60@gmail.com

    1. Thanks for sharing that chetan

  45. Tiru says:



    is it Fake call or do we need to take this as serious. please advise…

    1. While its a true call, but they do it with everyone ..

  46. fff says:

    I also requested TIKONA to terminate my connection but they delayed it and now they are sending me a bill which I refused to pay.
    We should post this on FACEBOOK and viral this kind on new on watsapp so that TIKONA knows the importance of customer, which sooner they dont have

    1. Thanks for your comment fff

  47. BaljeetSingh says:

    I can help a bit
    I searched around and there are a couple of things you can ask the person to throw him off
    First:ask the jurisdiction he is registered to if its delhi and you’re from pune then a delhi jursdiction person cannot handle a pune or mumbai case
    Second:Ask under which section and sit online and check it simultaneously
    Third::Ask him his bar number
    Fourth:Ask the file number or case number which is on the accused
    There has to be a number,without that the file doesnt enter the court
    And most importantly the case goes in the local court before going to a higher athourity like the delhi high court
    Hope it helps!!!!!!

    1. Muddappa says:

      My situation is the similar kind, raised to disconnect Tikona broad band for the poor services, with the tikona ticket number 1-3802036503.
      I raise this request some where in the
      2015 and they discontinued the service in Feb 2016. Till then the bill was generated for which i haven’t used the service. I told them clearly that i will not the pay for the services which i haven’t used. Now after almost a 6 months a advocate from Delhi named Devraj Chowdhury started calling me and threatening me that the case will be filed if i do not pay the outstanding amount with the legal charges of 1000 Rs, so total outstanding amount is 2999.
      I asked for the bar council number of the advocate, he gave me the number as DL 1359/2009 which i dont see a correct one. He said he will send the summons from Delhi high court via police in Bangalore.
      Is this really a legal matter? or just one of the Tikonas tricks to recover the money?

      Kindly advice.

      1. Hi Muddappa

        Thanks for asking your question. However, I dont think I am eligible to answer your query as its either out of scope of my knowledge or its not related to money matter directly


      2. Raghunath says:



        1. Thanks for sharing that Raghunath

      3. Ranjit says:

        Similar case happened with me..I raised request to either shift the connection to new location or disconnect the service..they checked & new relocation wasn’t possible & immediately their service person disconnected the device & took it back … later I started getting call for dues..I explained them the time I disconnected the device & the billing period was not matching & that time customer care executive agreed to this case.& Now after three months later I am receiving call from lawyer & threatening about filing the case..This is just Shit….hell of the service..I am not gonna pay single rupee

        1. Thanks for your comment Ranjit

    2. Thanks for sharing that BaljeetSingh

      1. Chetam says:

        Even I had worst experience with this people fit for nothing their connection but asks for money.for one month also I got call that they go to the court. Is that really possible for 1000 bugs some one please reply????

        1. Dont worry. Nothing will happen

  48. Ravindra says:


    My name is RAVINDRA and had used a Tikona wirless Broadband for arround 3 years. This connection (1107603404) is in the name of my friend and been transferred to me with Tikona”s advise.

    Since its a wirless one the speed is never upto the mark. This year due to cost cuts I have to work from home. And with this Tikona connection, it was horrible experience. Hence I have asked for termination and requested for refund (1500/-) over phone call on Jan 23 2016.

    The executive Vinod has advised that “no refund will be issued, use the connection until Feb 15”. I said OK and stopped using from Feb 10th onwards. But there have no one from Tikona end to collect the modem and instruments. No proper response after intiating a series of call but I was getting some sms to make payments. I was waiting for a call from the customer service. Finally on May4th got a call and I explained him what had happen also sent a mail with details that I need not to pay any amount, please send someone to collect the modem. There was no proper response but saying that we are working on it and will get back to you.

    But suddenly I got a mail on June 07th saying DEMAND NOTICE you have to pay the amount. I got shocked and sent a response that its not fair I will go the Consumers Court, no response. After a day initiated a call to customer care and again explained the whole story. He said will arrange a call back. Still no response from their end. Only this they asking is pay the amount(rent), where I havent used the connection at all from Feb 16th..

    I have submitted all the modem and instruments on 12th June 2016, but still getting threatening calls from Tikona Advocate (09521979024).

    I wont pay a penny, its real horrible service and terrible harassment.
    Also I have filed in consumer forum, Let me see what they will do now.
    With this kind of service sooner later company going to shutdown, any body still using Tikona its high time to wake up.

    Jago Consumer Jago

    1. Thanks for sharing that Ravindra

  49. Manish says:

    Hello Friends,

    Let’s not fall into their trap.let’s be united and not pay a single penny to these weeds.


    1. Thanks for your comment Manish

  50. Gunjeet says:

    I had already discontinued my services with Tikona Digitial Networks (a.k.a. Tikona Broadband), however, I have received a call from an advocate today that legal proceedings are taking place in the Delhi High Court without even a notice being issued to me. I was also told to pay an amount of over INR 2000 to avoid any legal proceedings.

    To my extreme distress, the person – Ritika Sharma, spoke with me with utmost rudeness and threatened me of penalties and time in Jail. I’m highly stressed because of this riducously fraudulent company, and even after clearly telling them that I don’t want their services anymore, they’re threatened me to pay more money to them.

    I need someone to help me with this as I’m new to this kind of a fraud. I have already filed a case with the consumer forum to help me in this regard. Like any normal citizen of India, I’d like to make this country a better place to live in and would also not ignore paying the requisite bills. But I’m very upset dealing with this organization.

    1. You should check out with a good lawyer !

  51. Santosh says:

    Hello All,

    I had opted for Tikona broadband and during signup i had paid for 3 months in advance to tune of 3000 Rs. User ID 1114870853.

    During entire 3 months my internet connection was facing frequent internet disconnections at any time.

    Whenever we call to there customer support they would ask 24 hours for issue resolution from technical team and we have to forget about work we were supposed to do at that moment. Its most unreliable service provider. They will hesitate to send a person to attend your call physically. Somehow they will fix from backend in 24 hours and this loop continuous to give you headache. Although there were many calls registered for frequent disconnection t i have tracked these ticket numbers 6594907 , 1114870853 .

    Due to unreliability i had requested their customer care to close their services and fun begins from here.
    I have submitted discontinuation of service on 07th December 2015 and prior to that for a week my internet was not working at all. On 7th December only i have disconnected internet from computer and it was last day of billing cycle so till this date bill was paid in advance. On Feb 17 2016 received email that your account is stopped from 20th December and there is bill pending for Rs. 658.04 for December month.

    Since internet was working hence i closed the connection and i have paid for 3 months waiting for issues resolved and post disconnection request they have kept charging, i didnt felt like the bill that they represented needs to be paid. Now they have kept me charging me late payment charges and post 6 months that bill has came as 1700 Rs.

    Now their fake lawyers are calling from Delhi high court and threatening to file various cases but they will not look into customer grievances, i had sent couple of emails to appellate@tikona.in for escalation into this case but no one has responded so far. I will not pay 1 Rs because to such fake lawyers because if i give money they will get funding to harass many customers like me.

    Only mistake from my side was to opt for services from tikona a scumbug company. There are many cases like this & we should together fight a real case with them in real court or at appellate authority in TRAI.


    1. Thanks for your comment Santosh

  52. tikonauser says:

    Tikona is most unethical company I have ever seen. They are bunch of cheaters. They intentionally will not process your termination request instead will try their best harass you by sending bills months after months. then they will say modem has to be recovered but they will never appear delay it even further again bill will be generated.

    Finally they will say you have to pay another 1500/- as penalty charges as modem was not recovered.

    SO NEVER EVER GO FOR TIKONA. You will regret forever.

    Govt should cancel their licence as they are mass cheating its people, threatening people, extorting money from consumers.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback about Tikona !

  53. Hari says:

    I had raised a transfer request for my Tikona ( User ID: 1109885959) connection on the 25th January 2016 through multiple calls and the customer care executive said me to leave the roof top device as it was (to be collected by an engineer later on) .The next day an engineer visited my new place and said that its a non feasible area so they couldn’t install the connection.He also said that he’ll terminate my account from his side but as I was aware of Tikona’s service in the past I took my precaution and informed the same through a call to the support team who informed me that I have to pay the last pending amount and they wont send any further bill in the future.I paid pending amount later on.

    But even though I cleared all my dues I kept getting calls and sms from Tikona which frustrated me and I strictly told the billing department to stop those irritating things.That did not stop immediately but eventually it ended.

    To my surprise today I got a call from a “so called” advocate saying that I need to pay the due amount else a case will be filed on my name in Delhi.I could never understand how can I get a bill since I have cleared all my dues .

    I pretty sure its a scam from Tikona to ask for one of their lawyer thugs to call the customer for recovery.

    Anyway I have kept my e-mails safely, because I am pretty sure that unless a customer has proof these ISPs make a big fuss with these kind of fraud issues. So if these so called ‘lawyers’ of Tikona ever give me a call, I will see to it that this is reported to a consumer court / police station.

    1. Hey Hari

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


  54. Alok says:

    Ditto! Yesterday I too got a call from some lady claiming to be from Dilli Court. She told that there is a case from Tikona for non-payment of Rs. 600/-. I have requested the connection to be disconnected on 20November2015. In November2015 when I placed the request for disconnection I inquired and paid the final bill and was asked to ignore all future bills.

    Since then I have not used the connection and have been receiving the bill with charges of Rs. 100/-. Finally in April I got a call from a executive who came and disconnected the connection and took the device and wires.

    Yesterday a lady called and spoke in the most unprofessional manner and threatening also. She was not ready to listen and kept on insisting that she is an advocate. I asked her to send an email or letter stating the same and how can i trust someone just calling like this. She was very rude and I just hung up.

    I then called Tikona customer care and asked explained him. He took my complaint and has assured a call back in 72 hours.

    When I looked up I found that this is a modus operandi of Tikona and that I was not alone. Waiting to see how things will turn out.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Alok

  55. harsh says:

    Same is happened with me today what should I do should I pay the amount?

    1. Darshan says:

      Dont bro..
      I too got it…
      Its just fake

    2. vijesh says:

      Got the same call. They shared registered case file number also. Is it fake? . Do i need to court?

  56. DESHBHAKT says:

    believe me 99.99 percent of these gangs are lowest level guys reporting any where will not help(even if caught they will be released in a couple of days) ,they keep changing their phones and places.abusing them (am sure not very many can match their level) might give you a temp relief but not a perma solution, if you pay thinking the amount to be small ,you are in for more trouble,cause you get upgraded in their list as a person who will either readily pay or ultimately definitely pay up in the end..they were doingit erlierr nd they r doing it even today ,the post after this read carefully ,read the fine print,read between the lines, replicate it in otther forums,if u recv any call from such persons just keep repeating —what u read below nd after a couple of calls send their numbers to an agency – i might post the links but u guys will understand urself where all to send such numbers nd believe me their numbers will automatically be scanned and traced , the more people get involved the merrier nd faster it will be
    guys the above post gave me a relief , some thing like this happened with me also , the guy on the other end demanded money on one pretext or the other nd threatened to kill our leaders and bomb my city if i dont pay them money and ask the govt to release their terrorists, now everytime their called ( 7 different numbers ) i told them that they can kill me nd took a couple of names of current leaders them also but we are deshbhakts and we will never bow down to their –isi ,pakistan ,dubai .dawoods or isis wiishes .and i told them that u want to blow up our tees hazari or patiaala house ,or u want to blow up vikaspuri police station ,that u want to kill our leaders u will not be able to do, u r threatning me with rdx and ied .etc etc .
    guys i had to do this a 5 10 times believe me after that NOW i call them nd now they dont pick up nd 4 out of 7 numbers also do not exist now dunnow those phones went under scanner or what i still ry other three number 10 20 times a day ,have sent heir numbers to NIA nd IB also got 2 calls from anony numbers asking bout these phones told them that i am deshbhakt nd not terrorised by theese terrorists was further instructed to pass on any info to one of the emails given to me, which i can not share for obvious reasons ,now their phones our silent ,switched off and iam happy ,let us not get cowed down by such elements-terrorists ,let us rise to the occasion ,let us unite nd show our deshbhakti JAI HIND JAI HIND JAI HIND ,BHARAT MATA KI JAI

    1. Thanks for your comment DESHBHAKT

  57. Vimal says:

    hi all
    I’m from Tamil Nadu, I face the same problem that mentioned by all of them here. I’ve been using this fraud Tikona service for more than 2 years without any due on october 2015, i got fed up with this service and asked them to settle my account and close it, they said there is no outstanding till now and I will get a disconnection notice with in 15 days of time. But i didn’t get any call or email, instead after 2 months i got service disconnection mail from them,mentioning there is outstanding of Rs 494 and Rs 1500 for not returning the modem.
    Since i’m in Tamil Nadu they gave a person named Loganathan with phone number, i called this number that seems to be wrong number and I tried to call customer care, they do not picked the call so for. So i left a mail to this company regarding this, again no reply. I just left it, now on March 6, I got a call that an advocate from delhi asking me to Pay Rs5000 for outstanding and penalty. If i ignore to pay they file a case against me. I mailed to them that i don’t have outstanding and I have evidence of voice recording of customer care, till now no reply from then but auto reply alone come every day stating me to pay due…..
    These persons are cheating in extreme level…. Please guys help me and other persons who get affected by this criminals.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Vimal

    2. nitesh says:

      today i also received the same call form some associate of lawyer talking about some legal notice.

      Please suggest the further course of action.

  58. MerajKhateeb says:

    Same thing happening with me guys. The first time I got the call was in May2015 and since then I have been receiving calls. Today also i got a call from a lawyer from Delhi asking to pay the amount of Rs.1200. I said I have not used the connection for that period which he mentioned. He replied, these charges are for disconnection and for NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE and told that its mentioned in the Terms and Conditions while taking the new connection.

    I said, let me check the Terms and Conditions, so he hurried and said to make the payment now else he will hang up and the case would be filed.

    I didn’t pay the amount though but this is harassment.

    1. gajendra says:

      Hi Meraj,

      Tikona is asking me for Rs 1500 as a penalty for not submitting the modem. I have e mailed them several times to collect it from my previous address but they did not call me single time about that.

      Is it okay if I dnt pay 1500.

      Gajendra .

      1. Arunkumar says:

        same here

      2. Meraj Khateeb says:

        Please dont pay!

    2. Hey MerajKhateeb

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


      1. Kinnar says:

        Same fake threatening calls I am receiving in Ahmedabad also…This is just mental harrassement. No contact for sales agent,no contact for modem recovery agent,no contact for customer care…. This is all bullshit and fake.. Do not entertain these people….

    3. harsh says:

      You didn’t paid the amount so, did the really filled against you?

  59. Umakant says:

    I am facing same problem with tikona, i have already disconnect the connection and also have a DC no. From july 2015 am not using the service though after that i received a call from such person who stated himself as lawyer so i got feared and paid the amount of rs 950in nov 2015, as we were not using thr service though we paid.and now they are demanding for rs 2700 which is simply rubbish. And they are also sending bills and mails every month and not replying any mail or call and nowadays i also got calls from such lawyer so please guide and tell me what can i do.

    1. Ngawang says:

      File a case on that number

  60. dayakar says:

    my tikona user id is 1111333675
    i terminated tikona internet with proper intimation and in transparant manner after clearing all bills.. but after 3 months i got call from tikona saying that your connection is not disconnected so you have to pay the bill 600, when i refused to pay then they agreed. after 2 months i got call from 8447086329, 8826693291, 9582057927 saying that they are from civil dept court and asking me to pay 800 (200 more than what they previously asked) other wise face legal proceedings, so i got feared and paid 800..
    my contact email, gundeladayakar811@gmail.com

    1. Hey dayakar

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


  61. Amit says:

    Guys you can post your grievances at pgportal.gov.in ,lets understand that we are just the customers those are being falsely charged by these fraud people ,stop being worried the next time these stupids calls you in give them a befitting reply ,nothing they can do trust me people do big frauds and walk away easily we are just innocent people nothing they can do to us.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Amit

  62. Amit says:

    Guys I too got a call today on 18 Jan 2016 from a stupid claiming to be lawyer I got call from 7727855449 one gentleman claiming to be lawyer and he started by saying ” Mr…. you know what we got complaint on you and we are going to file case on in Delhi court. When I raised my voice by asking regarding what and other things he started explaining about your broadband bill outstanding amount is due for an amount of INR 3085 because of that we are filing case on you, he stated that he is ADVOCATE from Delhi or Mumbai court I don’t remember and there is pending amount (INR 3085) which you need to pay in half an hour or else your case will be registered and since you are from Gurgaon, Gurgaon police will come to your for enquiry and other things post that you need to travel all the way from Gurgaon to Mumbai to fight against case and you need to pay INR 35,000 as penalty including he travel expense. He suggested me since your payable amount is LOW I suggest you clear the same along with LEGAL CHARGES of INR 3085. And if I don’t make the payment then we I would be forced to come to Mumbai for legal proceeding and charges. I told this man go ahead and send the notice and do what ever you want to do I don’t care .

    Since this has crossed the limit now I am not going to pay a single rupee to these bastards even if I owe to them.

    One more thing guys post all your grievances on tikona facebook page also if they delete the post then start posting in the comment section of their posts,lets make this public,it matters to them I have seen quick responses when ever I did so in the past.

    I raised disconnection request in OCT 2015 tikona didn’t processed it then again in Sept 2015 I raised again and I believe they would have collected the router and other installation by Nov 2015 first week,I have not used the connection in the last two months after which I was told that billing would be done on prodata basis So i would have logged in hardly couple of times to check if the connection has been disconnected or not ,so hardly there should have been a pending amount to be paid and even if its is it could have been adjusted with the security deposit and router returning.

    Till Sept 2015 I would have logged around 80 complaints with tikona for the pathetic connection and requested for disconnection have asked several times in email (to tikona customer care ccing j nair) for letting me know if some amount is pending and send me a bill if any thing is to be paid ,I also asked for the final settlement mail from them but tikona never responded during that period and now these stupids are passing on customers contact info to these debt collectors.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Amit

    2. sasank says:

      similar situation !!
      A guy called me …says he’s an advocate… he said he’s gona file a case against me in Delhi court…. if I pay the bill amount of 3800/- ..its fine…or else to withdraw the case .. i have to pay 15000/- it seems…
      So i asked him .”.how come my bill be 3800INR? I’ve asked to disconnect long time ago”… and they once asked my permission to take the router and wires….and i said “okay” then….
      He replied … that I have to pay 3800 out of which 2000 will be the refund…..so i asked how i can trust him with that…and asked him to send me a legal bill with proper calculations to my house….he says …that its all not his task becoz he’s not a tikona employee… and when i insist him on how to trust and a legal bill…..he screams out loud …that i have to pay or else i’ll put in to a case in court….and he cuts the call….!!!

      what to do? should i trust him and pay the bill? or is this really going to get serious?? has anyone heard of any previous experiences of this kind of issues and finally ending up in a case in court?? ….plz share ur experiences regarding the case…
      thank you.

  63. Sunil says:

    Guys this is clear fraud. Go to tikon.in and check the legal Notice. It clearly says jurisdiction is Mumbai. Read below.

    Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
    These terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with laws of India, without regard to the choice or conflicts of law provisions of any jurisdiction. You agree, in the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions or any dispute arising in relation to the web site whether in contract or tort or otherwise, to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts located at Mumbai, India for the resolution of all such disputes.

    1. Hi Sunil

      The best answer you can get only from the agent you invested through or just contact the company. The thing is your case is a bit personalised and other than company, no one can give accurate information


    2. Thanks for sharing that Sunil

  64. DiveshDixit says:

    Hello every one!! Today on the day of Christmas i got a same call and that moron said he is filling a case in an hour do i want to settle out of court. Suddenly it clicked me on day of christmas how come a court can functions on Christmas then he said it’s a civil court not criminal hence there are hearing in Delhi on Christmas too.

    All Tikona/others harrased customer we can collective file a suit on it. We will higher a lawer and fuck this basted i am sure collectively it won’t cost more than Rs.400-500 or less per head to hire a lawyer and fill the suit against Tikona and this people. I am sure TRAI will make sure Tikona for this very server offence. They are just providing customer in formation in public which it self a server crime.

    Can start a FacebookGroup where this can be handled.
    I am ready to bear the cost if some one interest please let me know.
    I will take initiative. We can collectively Stop this harassment.

    For the time being please keep all this numbers with you not don’t there Advocat/bar number. Will take action on it.
    And please don’t get distress.

    Looking more how to complain this!!


    1. Thanks for sharing that DiveshDixit

    2. vl says:

      if its around 500 per head ,count me in .

    3. adithyan says:

      facebook group??
      i will join

  65. Abhishek says:

    Getting similar calls on behalf of Tikona and really frustrated with it.
    In 2 months of my connection I never got 10% of the service. Even after constant reminder to disconnect my service getting these calls.
    Really feels pathetic to be part of such a non governed system.
    Please help!

    1. I think you should complain about this to TRAI

    2. Divesh says:

      Hello every one!! Today i also received a similar call for Rs. 1600 and asked to pay for most pathetic service i have received. And story is same as mentioned above from may.

      Let collectively higher a layer and file a case agains Tikona. I am sure collectively its should be less than 200 per head if collectively we file a case.

      Please ignore such morons!! they will just take your mind peace for no reason.

      1. Thanks for sharing that Divesh

  66. harish says:

    Guys even m also getting calls from tikona. as u guys faced..for d fist time i got call from delhi n they asked me to pay 3000r..with in 30mins orwise the case will b file on u bla bla bla…..still m getting calls from tikona

    1. Better complain to TRAI on this

      1. Dinesh says:

        Manish, can you guide us to a link where we can complain this to TRAI? I tried looking for it, but couldnt find any. I have been harassed by a couple of their lawyers too.

        1. I am not sure on the link myself ..

          1. Hitesh says:

            Just now I also received the same call these people are really pathetic, please let me know if you discovered where to complaint about them.

        2. Arpan says:

          I have got similer calls from tikona here is link to TRAI.

  67. Lakshman says:

    Even i am also facing the same from Tikona and getting calls from legal department and i too got the mail from them reg final demand notice. Frequently i am getting calls from 2 numbers saying that a legal file has been put up against you bla bla bala and i warned them that i have proper proofs that i have applied for deactivation and if it is not done from you..that completely tikona fault..not my fault . But still they are keep on calling me and i am not lifting the phone….i too want to file a case on TIKONA..please help me too

    1. Ashwan says:

      i also want to file case they are not paying my amount back i take new connection on 11/08/2015 and it not working till 18/08/2015 so i asked to discounting my connection they confirm disconnection on 30/08/2015 and tell you will get money back withing 45 days till now i dont get anything back its 06/10/2015 i compliant again what they promise me that they will refund but till now they not refund and i also want to fill case against company

      thanks & regards
      CA Ashwani Garg

    2. File a consumer court case now

  68. Ateesh says:

    I have got two calls from their supposed lawyers.The first was a few days back, stating that he was at mumbai ans if I don’t pay rs2600 they would file a case agenst me, but when I asked him to give me his address, he started panicking and disconnected, the second call was today from 07023654584, I don’t remember the name. He said that he is a lawyer from Delhi and me if I wanted to pay or fight. I told him that the reason I disconnected was because tikona was not giving me the service it had promised and so I disconnected. I asked him to repeated the address that he gave, which he did. I told him that I would send my own lawyer there to speak with him and then he started yelling and hung up.

    1. Hey Ateesh

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


    2. Sunil says:

      Yes I have been facing the same issue and they calling me constantly.

  69. Swati says:

    I am facing the same issue as you all. Its very important to teach these frauds a lesson! Lets do something about it and get this company closed! I have filed a complaint against them on public grievances website as well as with the consumer court. I request you all to do the same. Another option is to start a petition against these conmen!

    1. I suggest you complain to TRAI on this

    2. muthukumaran says:

      @ swathi: i too want to register a complaint as you have done. Tell me what are all the procedures i have to follow in order to sue this company.

  70. Aniruddha says:

    Hello Guys,

    Even I am receiving these calls.

    Can anybody suggest a legal action against this company?

    1. I think you should first complain with company and then file a complaint against them by consulting a lawyer !

  71. Sunil says:

    I had same experience with Tikona. I had a prepaid account with quarterly payment. I had already paid them till end of June. I did not have much complaints about their service except occasional service down for few hours – which is fine I guess. But the real trouble started when I wanted to cancel the service. I was going abroad for a year so asked them to disconnect my service around Mid-April. I was trying not to tell these guys that I am going out of India for a year as my flat would be locked down for long time and I don’t trust these service provider guys. But they were trying hard to convince me. So finally I explained them everything and told them to disconnect a week before my travel , the lady finally agreed. In a hurry I did not ask for refund of the 1.5 month which I had already paid in advance. I travelled around mid-April and have given my cell to my parents. All was fine until end of July. Then suddenly Tikona started calling my cell which my brother-in-law answered. The same story. A lawyer from Delhi’s Tees Hazari Court called and asked to pay 3000 within 30 min or else he would file a case against me and I would have to appear before the court next day. My bother-in-law was sacred he told the whole story to that so called lawyer and he said that he has powers to cancel my passport and recall me to India ! He advised my brother-in-law to pay on my behalf thru net banking and avoid court case. Although a well educated man, my bother-in-law got scared and called me immediately. After hearing the story, I was suspicious since – 1. I knew Tikona head office is in Mumbai 2. the so-called lawyer said he has powers to cancel my passport 3. My quarterly bill was around 1750 but they were claiming 3000 dues while I was supposed to get refund instead. So the first thing , I did was google about Tikona phone calls and I could clearly see a pattern in their calls – hundreds of complaints about Tikona with similar calls. So this is Tikona’s modus operandi . Guys don’t pay a single rupee if you don’t owe them. There are cases when even after paying Tikona they still are claiming dues and harassing people. They are even harassing people suddenly after 3 years who had disconnected back in 2012. So next time they call , you can try a few things like – “go ahead file the case” or “send me court summons first” or “Oh good, I am in Delhi today for office work and coming to Tees Hazari court right away” or “My uncle is a lawyer he will answer you in the court” or “I don’t owe you , you owe me and I am filing a police FIR against you today” or “I am filing a case against you in Pune court or Bangalore court and then you have to come down to Pune or Bangalore”

  72. Prabhu says:

    I too have a same bad experience with tikna. These frauds should be punished. My humble request to people. Don’t get tikona connection inform the same to ur friends.

    1. Thanks for your comment Prabhu

  73. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently going thought the same pain explained by you all. I found hundreds of such complaints against Tikona in different forums.
    I wonder whether any customers filed case against them, if so then what was the final outcome?
    And how come such fraud company still exists to disturb innocent customers?

    I filed a case against Tikona in Consumer forum 2 days ago.
    If anyone of you also filed case against them please reply here.


    1. PhaniKumar says:


      Any updation on your case in consumer forum? what is the process? I am also victim of Tikona cheating. My story has been running from day2 which is April13th 2015. Disconnected on 21stApril2015. Still they did not give my refunds. Much harassment, irresponsible and ruding. I have raised complaint in consumer forum today,(PGPortal.gov.in).

      Please let me know if you get any progression on your case and help me in follow up with consumer forum. I am encouraging all other victims of tikona to lodge complaints in Consumer Forum. So that the severity will be known to government.


      1. Bhavik says:


        TIkona has been harassing me since past three months for undue bill amount.. i had stopped using my internet connection from the month of January 2015 but tikona made me pay till march 2015 and not they keep calling me for another payment of 1910 which sometimes they say is refundable but do not give the explanation.

        My account number is 1105327090. They are threatening me of legal action if i dont pay for their undue demands… This is sheer harassment… I request all those people who have been harassed by Tikona to form a group and take action.


      2. Mahantesh says:

        @PhaniKumar: Please let us know the procedure of filling a case in consumer court, they are really crossing the limit now a day, its psychologically disturbing a lot. Why any government officials are not taking action against Tikona? Please provide the details so that i too file a case against Tikona.

    2. wishal says:

      Hello buddy, i also got such nonsense calls from tikona-
      Can any1 Tell me how to stop this nonsense

  74. Mukesh Bhavsar says:

    Hello Friends,

    Thanks for your all posts.

    My Tikona userid is : 1103825593 (Mukesh Bhavsar – Ahmedabad)

    Really friend don’t go with Tikona Internet.
    I faced same problems 3 months ago after disconnected the Tikona connection.

    Its lots of complainants about speed and connectivity issues. After lots of complainants not serious about the quality.

    I disconnect and removed all wires and modem Tikona guys.
    Now drama started as Legal notice, Really don’t go with Tikona internet connections.

    This is only happened only in India.


  75. Jaimin says:

    I have same complaints against this fraud tikona. They must stop this harassment and this company must be punished by indian government. Lets complain your issue to Department of Telecomunication. Website to file Public Grievances is http://pgportal.gov.in/GrievanceNew.aspx

  76. sameer gupta says:

    Hello guys,

    I am also facing the same harassment from tikona. My user ID is 1110410691.

    I am having a very very horrible experience with these guys.
    I was having billing cycle from 26th to 25th of next month. My tikona connection use to be down all the time, so when my connection was not working from 26th jan to 28th of jan than i finally decided to go for disconnection as I have already registered so many complaints with tikona and there was no-one from tikona customer care who took care of such issues.

    I raised the request for disconnection on 29th jan and have removed the tikona device from my place on 30th. I got the mail from tikona on 29th itself that my connection will be terminated and with statement below :-
    “The monthly bill charges shall be applicable only till the next bill cycle date based on your last usage date or disconnection request date whichever is later.”

    Later when I received the Final settlement the amount of 588rs was charged to me for using the connection from 26th of jan to 10th of feb. I don’t understand how foolish these people can be stating I used the connection from 26th jan to 10th feb when the connection was not working from 26th jan to 28th feb and from 30th jan I have removed the devices itself from my place.

    I called the tikona people about the wrong bill being generated and this was the complaint number provided to me “1-3392271336”.

    For 3 months there customer care keep calling me to pay the full payment without providing me any clarification or resolving my complaint raised 3 months back. Every time I gave them the reference number for complaint they told me that they will get back. For 3 months they have frustrated me up with calls all the time and I have to explain what happened to me, to each and every person in their foolish customer care wasting hours of my time.

    Finally after three months of frustration when they again called me and I repeated the same story they told me to pay rs 300 and we will close this thing. I insisted them for mail for same but as always they told me that mail will be sent to me later, And which never came as always. And never they explained any time what happened to my complaint months back. But since I was already so much frustrated with them I agreed to pay 300rs and close this issue.

    But the harassment doesn’t ends over here.
    After that I was living happily for a month when all of a sudden one morning I got the call from tikona’s Lawyer stating that a payment of 366rs is pending against my name and they are filing a case against me in Delhi court. This call has literally made me mad.

    These people are crossing every limit and trying to cheat the people in all possible ways by threatening and harassing them.
    I really need support from you guys to guide me what can be done here with these people who are not stopping to show their cheap characteristics.The main issue is not here about 366 bugs but it’s the amount of torcher these people are doing by making such calls and not acting on complaints.

    Tikona company is a big time fraud company I have ever dealt with. I will request all to stop using Tikona services as the same type of harassment is happening with lot of my other friends as well.


    1. vishalj says:

      Next time they call ask them to go ahead and file the case. The people calling you are no lawyers, just some touts. Save their mobile number and check out their pictures on whatsapp. You’ll realize you’re dealing with some randoms.

      They’ve stopped calling me now as everytime I would ask, “You haven’t filed a case yet? Don’t worry, please go ahead and file it and I’ll come to court.” They’re bluffing. Tikona’s jurisdiction is in Mumbai. Forget about the 300 bucks. I fell for the same trick. Live and learn eh?

      1. Ashvin says:

        i also got same problem recently.
        Now, let me treat them well.


    2. Hey sameer gupta

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


  77. Inamdartejas says:

    Hi All,

    I am also facing the same frustration from Tikona. I have all the emails of termination of accounts and net payable is zero. This is all written by their mail tikona.update@tikona.in, Then also I am getting these calls. Really tired of it now.

    Can we all go to the consumer court for this thing. Or can Jagoinvestor.com can help us in this??

    Need to get rid of this once and for all…

    Requesting your guidance. ….


    1. You can get help from Akosha.com on this

  78. abhishekm83 says:

    Hello guys,
    I have similar experience. I was a customer in 2010 for around a week.
    I was fedup with the frequent disconnection and i asked them to cancel the connection and return my money on prorated basis.
    They didn’t reply anything on that and suddenly after three moths they were asking about 2500 rs for usage. I aksed them for the bill but nothing given till date and still they are calling with different names and lawyers but i didn’t pay much attention.
    Now they are sending messages from “BW-LEGALC” thretening to take legal action today in case i dont pay the amount of 1411 Rs.
    Not sure why suddenly the amount is reduced and why even 1411 when I couldn’t use the internet connection for one complete day, Everytime I had to call customre care for my connection to start.
    Simply pathetic!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Tikona !

  79. fightagaistcorruption says:

    Hi Guys
    It’s time to lead a crusade against such companies which adopt such dastardly obnoxious means to recover money from innocent customers. This tantamount to extortion. Under Section 386 of Indian Panel Code–Extortion by putting a person in fear of death or grievous hurt—it’s an offence!

  80. vishalj says:

    I could pay it off but I’ve asked them to send me the contract where I have agreed for an auto renewal of my plan. If they can prove that I have, I will pay them what is due up to the point of disconnection.

    They have stopped calling me for now. But if they do call, I’ll pick up and keep it on the side. I think they’ll get the message after a few calls.

  81. Ketaki R says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Even I have received such mails, calls and notices from Tikona. Simply ignore them.

    I told them to go ahead and file a case. My lawyer will respond you. And thats it, after that no further calls.

    Very bad experience faced with Tikona

  82. Raja says:

    I faced similar tactics from Tata Indicom. They kept sending me SMS that I had to appear before lok adalat since I had not settled their bills of around 600 Rs. Fortunately, I had all communication on email while disconnecting the connection and so I told them to go to hell and do whatever they want. I send all the email communication to the appellate authority and got an apology from them.

    You are getting calls from recovery agents. They are not even on the rolls of the company. Dare them to file a case and send summons if you know that you are not wrong on your part. Off course if you indeed have not paid some dues, I would advise to pay it off and close the matter.

  83. vishalj says:

    Thanks for the detailed reply Anant!

    I forgot to mention that I had told the so called lawyer to go ahead and file the case against me and once I don’t show up let the court send me a summon. Haven’t heard from him since.

    I made the mistake of emailing the Appellate Authority Mr. J. Nair and he has been giving me the same canned answers after I told him to send me my signed contract. I guess now I’m gonna take your advice and stop replying. Until then their Rs. 1500/- equipment is lying in my safekeeping. Let the Government Department of Telecom come and prise it out of my hands. Mr. Nair also seems like a kachha limbu so can’t waste my productive time behind him.

    I do agree, that email is a total waste of time. I doubt they have a legal team. It was stated in my email to not reply back. Haha if I cant reply back to a legal notice then what do I do? Take a print out and attach it to my toilet paper?

    Anyone else going through this now? Would love to hear your issues and how you’re dealing with them.

  84. Anant says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Don’t worry & Just Ignore those bastards!!

    Its a common practice for Tikona and other such so many services to threaten the innocent people and loot their money. such types of calls are more common in post paid mobile services.

    You haven’t received call from Delhi high court. it was from their ‘customer care’ dept.
    next time when he calls ask him for his, BAR registration number, court name etc.. and tell him my lawyer will respond to your notice.

    after that they will start sending you legal notice on email ( its also big joke). dont reply them.

    your max liability is Rs 1830 only. They cant send u to jail..we are in an Independent country.. so dnt worry.. tell them to take whatever action they want to take. 🙂

    Yes. I am Tikona’s ex customer like you. They did same think with me. many threatening calls from Delhi high court 🙂 . even some mails, stating its a Legal notice from them. etc etc.. a lot of drama..
    My friend works in High court as a lawyer. i discussed these things with him. so you can trust.


    my tricks, which worked:
    1. Dont pick call.
    2. tell him wrong number.
    3. tell him i have just purchased this new SIM card. I dont know for whom you are asking about. and warn him Dont call on this number else i will file a police complaint against you. (if he again call then seriously file a simple FIR in your nearest police station, stating this caller is threatening you.)
    4. Dont reply to email.

    there are lot of complaints about such instances: http://www.consumercourt.in/internet-services/124965-complaint-against-tikona-broadband-3.html

    here is the threatening mail:
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Legalcolls
    Date: Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 5:17 PM
    Subject: FINAL NOTICE


    Date: 26TH Sep’ 2013

    Sub: Your Tikona Service ID No xxxxxx& Billing Account Number xxxxxxxx

    Dear Customer,
    We wish to draw your kind attention to the following facts:
    That Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. Limited is a body corporate duly registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and in business of providing Internet services.
    That you have subscribed the internet Services being provided by us on the terms and conditions as laid down in the subscriber registration Form (SRF) which was duly read acknowledged and signed by you
    That in lieu of the internet services availed under this agreement and the devices provided to you, we have from time to time sent you bills for the same.
    In view of the non-payment of the bills, you have also been reminded through telephone calls and SMS messages to make payment of the bills sent to you. However, in spite of several such demands and reminders, you have failed and neglected to pay the amounts of outstanding bills aggregating to Rs. 3930. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the SRF, you were under an obligation inter-alia to make payment of periodic bills raised upon you in respect of services availed by you. However, in spite of the receipt of Statement of Usage from us, you have grossly failed to make said payments.
    As per our computerized billing records you have used services up to .with your Last Session ending 3/29/2012. Your outstanding amount up to the Last Usage Date is Rs. 3930 considering applicable Charges only up to 3/29/2012.
    You are requested to make immediate payment of Rs. 3930 and give you this notice, that if you fail to pay, the aforesaid sum thereon within 3 days we shall have no option, but to adopt appropriate recovery proceedings, inclusive of legal proceedings criminal as well as civil, against you at your entire risk as to costs and consequences.
    In addition to above, you shall be required to pay Rs. 1500 in case you fail to return Modem along with all accessories to our authorized representative.

    Please refer to Para 23 of Terms and conditions of the subscription, an extract is appended below

    “In case of service discontinuation, the subscriber shall compulsorily return all the modems in working condition. In the event of subscriber not being able to deliver the modem to the company, for reasons attributable to their action/account, the modems would be assumed to be permanently undeliverable to any person including the company. In such an event, including a case where the modems are delivered by the subscriber in non-working conditions, the company would charge the subscriber 1500 per modem not returned or returned in non-working conditions towards penalty/damages for breach of the terms of service. This is applicable for all plans.

    Please note that the Modem provided by Tikona and installed in your premises is a wireless transmitter imported by the company under a license issued by WPC wing, Department of Telecom, Government of India. Possession of such equipment, under your ostensible charge, is prohibited under THE INDIAN WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY ACT 1933 ACT XVII OF 1933.

    You can pay by Cheque / Demand Draft / Online by multiple ways, log on to http://www.tikona.in/bill-payment to choose the best option.

    You can write to us at our address given below or e-mail to legalcolls@tikona.in or call at 9873253424, 9811818371 and 9899525319- CHETAN SHARMA after making requisite payment.


    Yours Sincerely

  85. vishalj says:

    I just checked my email and there’s no such email saying that my connection is terminated.

  86. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Do you have any no dues mail and a mail saying your connection is terminated?

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