“Three Mistakes in My Life” (Which resolved by Jagoinvestor)

POSTED BY Parag Shah ON December 27, 2011 6:11 pm COMMENTS (6)

Hi Friends
First Mistake: Not To Purchase a Health Insurance policy to my 61 yrs. old Dad.
First Correction: Last month I Purchase Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Plan to Him
(Special Thanks to Ashal)

Second Mistake: Last year I purchase a ULIP plan from my father’s friend: HDFC Crest
Second Correction: Today I Surrender HDFC Crest Policy. (I don’t want to remember the Premium).
And Last week I purchase Online Term of 70 Lac for me from Aviva.
(Special Thanks to Manish)

Third Mistake: Starting SIP in 9 different Mutual Funds.
Third Correction: Now invest in Mutual Funds through SIP in only 4 funds
(Special Thanks to Ramesh).

I am thankful of all members to help me to resolve problems.

Parag Shah

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  1. Dear Parag, First of all please accept my congratulations that you are able to correct your mistakes. My special thanks for the fact that you not only corrected your mistake but also shared it with all of us. Glad to know that in between all of us were able to help you in some way.

    Please keep posting your queries. As you are now a satisfied soul, do the next good thing. help others to correct their mistakes or simply ask them to post their individual queries to discuss in this forum.

    The beauty & the most strong point of this forum, none of us are here to cross sell so most of the time the products/advisory offered are unbiased.



    1. I would agree best with the statement that the forum provides unbiased advice, as said by Ashal.

      I have seen a few websites where the ‘experts’ dish out advice to buy ULIPs saying it inculcates a fiscal discipline in the investor. What a Bull crap!! I tell them instead that investors can just invest in PPF and sleep off and still beat the ULIP returns without an ounce of Equity.

      People start SIPs and when the markets fall they stop the SIP! How unfortunate, that when the investment is going thru the accumulation phase with low NAVs people stop! Financial literacy is very poor in India and forums like these have started reaching more audience and hopefully we, as a nation, become financially aware over the next decade or so.

      Kudos to all contributors here!

    2. Parag Shah says:

      Dear Ashal Ji,

      And I m totally agree with u that JagoInvestor offered are unbiased advice.

  2. Sajithkumar Sreekumar says:

    Congrats Parag.

    It is so overwhelming to see that people are now understanding the difference between investment and insurance, thanks to Manish and the Jagoinvestor team. There are so many people who pay exorbitant amounts as ULIP premiums but cannot answer a simple question of “How much are you insured for?” 🙂

  3. Parag

    Great to heat that.. in a way you completed the pending items in your financial life and moved from one point to another points .. what you did was extraordinary .. because it was 20% analysis and 80% action and that really moves us . We are proud to have people like you on our forum .

    Thanks to Ashal and Ramesh for their contribution as well .. they are stars of jagoinvestor forum


    1. Parag Shah says:

      Dear Manish,

      Thanks but I am not done extraordinary work. All positive changes I have be made it is all bcoz of Jagoinvestor and your team. JagoInvestor made common people literal n financially strong in day to day life.
      Thanks Once again.

      You are correct Sajithkumar Sreekumar. I am in software profession n last year I don’t had enough knowledge of Investment for that I believe my father’s friend. But now as u said I know d difference between Insurance and Investment.


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