this is taxable to me?

POSTED BY etaxmentor ON May 17, 2013 10:48 am COMMENTS (2)

                I am salaried person & my spouse is house wife. My father in law gifted Rs.500000/- to my wife after our marriage. We deposited this money in to NSC in both of our name. Is the interest earned through this is taxable to me? If we put this money only on her name, then is the interest earned through this is taxable to me?

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  1. angan chandra says:

    NSC interest is always taxable to the holder name. so it doesn’t matter whether individually hold or joint hold.

  2. Dear Etaxmentor, your client’s name is there in the joint NSC, hence the interest income ‘ll also be taxable to him. In case the NSCs remain under wife’s name, the income ‘ll be taxable to wife only.



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