The Best Online Term Plan for a 33 yrs old NRI

POSTED BY Jessie DSouza ON February 19, 2013 11:40 am COMMENTS (5)

Hi, My husband wants to go for an Online term plan. Since he is a NRI, he has very few options. I came to know from that Edelweiss Tokio Life has a Term plan for NRIs. I have never heard about this company till today. What’s your opinion? Is this company relaible? what is it’s claim settlement ratio? He would be leaving on March 1, 2013. So he need to decide quickly. Thank you for starting this forum and providing your genuine opinion for our queries.

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  1. Beerbal singh sajwan says:

    My name is Sajwan Beerbal singh I live in Japan and my family lives in India I have 2 children 8-9 years old and I’m 40 . So I want a term plan for all family coverage but I don’t know how to do complete medical clearance or medical formalities please suggest me and also want know what kinds of coverage I mean seriously illness accidents or after post illness or etc.

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      It can only happen mostly when you are in India because the medical tests are to be performed.

  2. Dear Jessie, what’s important to both of you? Saving some pennies in prem. or getting peace of mind in the form of claim settlement with a Japanese term cover?

    Please decide on your own on that count. Regarding the term cover from Edelwise Tokio, any comment made by me or someone else ‘ll not make your life easy in case of actual need.

    By the way, just to update you, the Company you are referring to Edelwise Tokio, do has a Japanese connection in it as the Partner TOKIO in this company is a Japanese Life Insurer. 🙂

    Strange things do happen. 🙂

    Please think over it.



  3. Jessie DSouza says:

    Yes, He has no plans to settle in the foreign country. He will be back to India permanently in 5-6 years. And getting term insurance is Japan (where he works) is expensive compared to India.

    Thank you so much

  4. It best to take life insurance from an insurer in the country of residence. Makes sense to take from an Indian insurer only if he plans to settle down here in the near future.

    If you wish to consider Edelweiss Tokio’s plan, then both of you (esp. you) should be aware of claim procedure in the case of an eventuality occurring in India and abroad. It may become a hassle to procure the necessary paperwork if the insured and nominee are in different countries.

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