Term Policy declaration if I have left smoking a year back

POSTED BY Nikunj ON September 10, 2013 1:03 pm COMMENTS (8)

Hi all,

I have taken two term policies.Now i used to smoke a year back.

1) Aegon Religare I-Term

Now i declared myself as a non-smoker since i dont smoke now and i had calculated the premium.

But on the second page, there was a question as below:

Have you ever smoked in the last five years?

Honest answer to that should be “Yes”

But, I put “No” in there as advised by one of the representative of policybazaar.com.

His rational behind putting a No was that i am taking a policy of 50Lakhs. so anyways i will be undergoing a medical test. If they find from the tests that i am a smoker then they will put me in the smoker category and increase my premium.

But What if in medical test my nicotine levels are normal. Shall i explicitly inform them that i used to smoke 1 year back and i have quit now. What category they will put me in now? smoker or non-smoker?

2) Aviva I-Life (55 Lakhs)

Similar question was on Aviva Website.

Initially i selected myself as a non-smoker and calculated premium. And while fillign the proposal form.

There were two questions :

1) Do you currently smoke? 

I answered as No as i dont smoke now.

2) Have you ever smoked?

I asnwered Yes and

3) When did you last smoked?

I put there “In the last 1 year”

Additional information:

I have taken both policies on the same day.

Could anyone please help me what shall i do now?

Shall i inform the Aegon Religare that answer to one question was wrongly answered and i want to correct that. or

any other suggestions?

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  1. Jwalant says:

    Dear Nikunj
    I mean by written proof is that email & hard copy intimation received by company or after your information to company has given any writtend document for accepatce of same which help your family for easy claim process.

    you have correct infromation to Aviva I-life.

    I just want to know whteher both company medical tests has shown you smoker or non smoker.

  2. Dear Nikunj, as you are follower of this forum, it has been discussed here Nth times to be honest about declaration of your health, habits, job profile etc. while purchasing the term plan. The term plan is purchased for the financial security of your family. In case claim is denied due to suppression of facts, what is the benefit of saving few thousand Rs. by not declaring yourself smoker?

    So inform Aegon Religare about your smoking habits. NOW.



  3. Nikunj says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks to all for helping me out about Aegon Religare.

    do you all feel that i declared the correct thing with Aviva I-life..I have mentioned the questions and their answers in the post

  4. Nikunj says:


    I had a word with Aegon religare customer care representative.
    They asked me to email the changes required in the proposal form.

    What u mean by
    “writtend douments with proof”

    I would writing an E-mail to them and keep that as a proof of my declaration.

    Do you suggest any other methods of declaration?

  5. Jwalant says:

    Dear Nikunj,
    I am personllay feeling you should inform to Agon religare via writtend douments with proof.
    Even if they change your status from non Smoker to Smoker then you will have to pay 40K- 50K extra for 30 years which will be nothing.
    You are taking your policey for your family security if it is recjected on the above basis at both company . what your family will do?

    Risk level is upto you.

  6. Nikunj says:

    i dont know what his interest would be. Maybe he might be getting some incentive based on information he provides.

    But, Now what is the action i shall proceed with?

    As mentioned by Mustafizur, shall i email to them about the mistake i did while filling up the form or wait for my medical test if it shows i am smoker or not?

    because i have mentioned that i used to smoke a year back while filling up form of Aviva.

    While Claim process if any, if both companies share the data they have regarding me, then it would show difference in both companies records.

  7. Dear Nikunj, before answering your basic query, I w’d want to ask you, Do you really feel that policy bazaar guy was working in your interest? If yes, tell me the reason & if no again tell me the reason.

    Regarding your basic query, let me change the equation. You are the underwriter of Aegon & I’m in your place. How w;d you treat the risk on my life If I declare that I used to smoke 1Y ago. Remember, there is every possibility that I (actually YOU) may revert back to smoking any time in future. Now answer for this aituation from an insurance underwriter’s view point.



  8. Mustafizur Rahaman says:

    I would prefer to write them explicitly explaining your situation & let them decide if they want to increase your premium or not. Send them an email & also send them a physical copy by courier(so that you can preserve the delivery record). This should be like an official declaration you are making to the insurance company..

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