Term Insurance Quotes Online For People With Medical Issues

POSTED BY vksnathan ON March 14, 2013 12:37 pm COMMENTS (5)

Is there a way to compare Term insurance quotes for people with medical issues ?

Most of the online website comparisons like Policy Bazaar give the quotes based on minimal information.In my case the Term insurance quote was doubled afer I disclosed the medical issues to the insurer.So I am not sure if I got the best Term insurance quote in this case.



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  1. Dear Vksnathan, you can not check online. You w’d have to contact individual insurer & then only you may come to know the possible loading at all.



  2. vksnathan says:

    Yes.I have accepted the premium loading and the term insurance policy is in force .The Next premium date for the policy is November – 2013 and I was planning to find a replacement Term Insurance Policy with lesser loading on Premium.

  3. Dear Vksnathan, had you accepted that prem. loading or decline the policy altogether?



  4. You can not search like this based on your medical history , because the way companies look at past illnesses is not standardised ! .. So you can get the final quote by companies only when they do the underwriting process based your info . If you want to do a comparision , you can only do it for premiums based on the general info only .. http://www.zibika.com/ is one good place to do that .

    Regarding loading , I hope you understand that loading is something valid and its in your interest to pay for loading ! .


  5. loading is different for different insurers and will have to be handled on a case by case basis evaluating history. So this is not possible

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