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POSTED BY subhas ON June 23, 2013 6:27 pm ONE COMMENT

I have bought a term insurance plan from private insurance and filled up some additional details on the physical form downloaded; which were not there in online form. (like MWPA form, details of existing policy which were not disclosed in online form, details of family doctor etc).

However, in the policy received; application form attached is the one which I had submitted online. As such additional information provided in the physical form are not there.

What can be the consequence of this ? Should I opt for surrender of policy in free look in period ?




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  1. Contact the office immediately and demand that

    1. they acknowledge receipt of this form and ask them to

    2. send a copy of this form with some form of authentication from their end (signature and seal)

    Tell them if they do not take steps for the above within the look up period and inform you of their action you will cancel the policy within the look up period.

    That should hopefully do it. If they do not respond cancel the policy.

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