Term Insurance Policy or TROP Policy

POSTED BY VishalKoul ON October 13, 2013 10:02 am COMMENTS (3)

I need some help with respect to which policy should i take , I did some research and below are the numbers.

My details are :  Age 27 , Housing Loan 45 Lacs , Single (About to Marry)….AEGON/RELIGARE has an accidental waiver other than that i could not really find why there is huge diff between companies.  there is another thing which i came to know today itself and that is TROP though they have huge premiums.

Confused seek help ?

2 crore / 35 years

Tata/AIA Life iRaksha – 14832.00

AVIVA iLife – 15080.00

AEGON/RELIGARE iTerm (Medical) – 15281.00

PNB/METLIFE MetProtect – 24719

2 crore / 30 years

TATA/AIA — 13933

AVIVA — 15009

HDFC Life  –21124

SBI Life –21394

1 crore/ 35 years

Tata/AIA Life –iRaksha—7753

AVIVA        –iLife— 7540

AEGON/RELIGARE –iTerm (Medical) –7641

PNB/METLIFE– MetProtect–12360

1 crore / 30 years

TATA/AIA — 7528

AVIVA — 7505


HDFC Life  –10500

SBI Life –10697

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vishal, OK. the basic understanding of TROP is OK. Now do tell me, what ‘ll be the prem. for you if you opt 1 cr. cover for 30Y in plain vaniall term cover and TROP with the Insurer of your choice. Please check the prem. numbers in both cases and reply here.



  2. VishalKoul says:

    Hi Ashalanshu,

    I am not really aware of it exactly but TROP means that you get your premium back with some benefits. I am myself seeking some opinion experts in this forum for which insurance i shud take,

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vishal, what is good in TROP? Please tell us.



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