Term insurance: Kotak or Bharati Axa or Aviva or HDFC

POSTED BY Chiraag Bhojwani ON March 26, 2012 3:15 pm COMMENTS (3)

I am looking for a term insurance, for the maximum cover (upto Rs. 1cr) for maximum period as my age is 22.

I am confused between the following 4:

-HDFC (C2P or offline)
-Bharati Axa (Good premium with the family care benefit of Rs. 1lac within 48 hrs of death – without investigation)
-Kotak (Have heard it is good, also gives an option to convert to other plans after 5 yrs of policy commencemnt)
– Aviva (Gives coverage upto 75 yrs of age)

I have heard that birla sun life is also good..is it so ??? I have still not looked out for that.

Which one shall i go for ???

Offline is better than online ???

The claim settlement ratio should be good, should cover all type of deaths,and the company should survive in future, i am not willing to take risks.

Please advice.


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  1. CJ says:

    Opt for the company you trust.
    I am positive with Aviva..

    Rest all depends on you..

  2. Dear Chiraag, keeping your age in mind, do you really need Term cover at this stage? Please clarify & the reasoning for opting 1Cr. Term cover. if possible to you, please share info on your income, expenses, financial liabilities, family dependents…..?



  3. My two cents.

    If i was you, i would have go for split and go with two providers. One of the them would be LIC. As per TOI, they plan to reduce the premiums.

    Second provider would be HDFC.

    Out of two i may go for LIC offline way. The agent would be somebody whom i know well and can help in claim settlement. Agent helping in claim settlement is one of the main reasons why i prefer to go the offline way. its just like “ALL IS WELL”. No technical logic behind it.

    HDFC i would go Online way.

    Reason for two providers is : Diversification

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