Term Insurance for NRI’s

POSTED BY Om ON October 4, 2011 11:23 pm COMMENTS (2)

My question was, I’m an NRI presently working in Qatar(Gulf) & want to go for TERM INSURANCE with cover of Rs.50 Lacs for Term of 20 years. Additional info that I dont drink or smoke. Can I have the info which insurance companies can provide me Term Insurance while I’m outside India. Regards, Om

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  1. Om

    NO insurance company will provide you cover in India from outside .. you will have to fulfil 3 things to get a term plan in India

    – Show income proof in India
    – Show residence proof in India
    – Be present in India for medicals


    1. Om says:

      Thanks Manish for reply. What about the iCare : new online term plan from ICICI Pru where you explained that NO MEDICAL required upto age of 50,is this applicable to NRI’s?

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