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Hi Manish,

i had taken a term insurance from hdfc standard life for 20 years when my status was resident.  Kindly let me know whether the cover will still be aplplicable to me as i am an nri now..( since last 3 years)?

Also i need another term cover for 50 lacs ( as i only have a cover of 30 lacs) for the max period…i lately came to know that all the online term plans are not applicable for nris’….

lemme know the docs which i shud carry with me for applying for a term insurance







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  1. sidrana7 says:


    I reckon you have to notify the current insurer with whom you have insurance policy regarding your residential change. I do think it may affect the way way policy was worded. Better check with them as soon as possible as if its affecting adversely then its money wasted?

    Not necessarily yo have to be physically present in India. e.g. SBI has mail-order-business in UK where you can get doctors report from Uk itself and SBI UK office processed the paperwork and forwards to India for final approval. Point is it ca be done while abroad but depends which country and which insurer provides the facility.

    I have done my LIC term life when I went to India, so much hassles rectifying the errors and as such but happy. Also the agent was more interested in the endowment type policy and not the term, since he knew I only need term his *interest* in my case disappeared.

    Good luck.

  2. shashank kashettiwar says:


    The cover is applicable even if the death occurs outside India.

    Copies of following-

    salary slip/certificate
    Address proof

    plus there is a NRI questionnaire to be filled up of the insurer you select

    Offline plans also require you to be on Indian soil, it being a contract and not just an investment. So for signing it you have to be present within the boundaries of the country.


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