Term Insurance: Confused

POSTED BY Ram ON July 4, 2013 4:38 pm ONE COMMENT


I have following insurance cover

1. 3 LIC policies –             Coverage:9.5 L –     Premium:37 K
2. Max –                         Coverage:5 L         Premium:10 K
3. Appollo Accidental Policy –     Coverage:25L          Premium:3 K
4. Birla SL Term Plan            Coverage:25L          Premium:6 K (30Y)
5. SBI run raksha                 Coverage:20L (Home Loan amount)         
6. IDBI Home insurance (Coverage for IDBI home loan which I didn’t closed after transferring loan from IDBI to SBI)
7. Employer Coverage            Coverage:5 L        Premium : Nil

I want to increase insurance cover by adding a new term policy so that total insurance should be more than 1 cr. I found that companies like Max, Aviva, Reliagare, Tata AIG’s premium is  ~8K and for the same HDFC is charging me ~10k.

I am confused about which one to choose :(… Shall I go with cheap term plans or tested n proven (??) biggies like LIC, HDFC?

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  1. Mohit Pandey says:

    Dear Ram,

    Go for the cheap one but make sure you provide all the details correctly, there is no tested n proven thing since nobody want to pay anything so if you provide all the correct details claim will be settled without any issue.

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