Term Insurance claim when not in India

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Hello All,

If a person has a Term Insurance on his name and if he travels to other country (say US) on a long term assignment (say 2-3 yrs), and if something unfortunate happens in US, can his family still claim for the insurance in India? What is the proof that should be generally shown for such a claim?
Same question for permanent disability as well. If the person becomes permanently disabled due to some accident outside India and returns back to India, can he claim the same?


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  1. Dear PK & Dear BanyanFA, I queried with Aviva from where I have purchased recently an I-life cover for the claim if death happens outside India. Below is the reply of Aviva –

    Quote –

    Dear Mr. Jauhari, UIN: 122N093V01

    Thank you for writing to Aviva Life Insurance.

    This is in reference to your email regarding policy number XXXXXXXXXXXXXX with us.

    We would like to inform you that the death claim on your above policy is payable outside India as per below details:

    – If the Insured dies during the Policy Term and while the Policy is still in force then we will pay the Sum Assured to the Policyholder and if the Policyholder is not alive, to the Nominee if we admit a claim in accordance with Article 5 a).

    – According to Article 5 a):

    1. We are given written notice of the claim immediately and in any event within ninety (90) days of the occurrence giving rise to such claim. If We are not given written notice of the claim within ninety (90) days of the occurrence giving rise to the claim, then We may accept the claim if We are given reasons in writing for the delay which in Our view are acceptable.

    2. We are provided with the opportunity of establishing to our satisfaction that a claim is payable and the amount of that claim, for which purpose We shall be entitled to receive all reasonable cooperation in terms of providing documentation and information (where applicable), including but not limited to:

    § Our claim form duly completed.

    § The Policy Document.

    § Evidence of date of birth if We have not admitted age.

    § The original or a legalised copy of the death certificate showing the circumstances and cause and the date of

    § death.

    § Any other documentation or information We request.

    3. We receive all co-operation and assistance in any investigation that We may decide to carry out in respect of the Insured’s death.

    Unquote –

    From the above clarification it’s quite clear that no matter, death happensd inside India or outside India, the claim ‘ll honored.



  2. Dear Banyan, I’m agree with you on this. On my part I ‘ll try to get more info from my own Insurer in this case & ‘ll update the same in this discussion.



  3. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Ashal,
    I think this post is a bit more complicated than it really seems. I am not sure, but most of the insurance companies do have a clause about the jurisdiction of the person – not because he is travelling, but where he is going to live in future. Can we have more light on this clause ?

    I am afraid that probably Insurance company may not settle a claim mentioning that the situation got changed and the insured person has now shifted their base without informing the insurance company. They are also fair in making their comment as this may affect upon the underwriting process which the insurance company may have done.

    What would be your opinion ?


  4. Dear PK, Dweath can happen anywhere all around the world. Please confirm from your insurer, what exact set of documents it may need for the out of india death?



  5. Dear PK, Along with the basic claim form, the family w’d have to produce the death certificate, copy of autopsy if done (for accidental death case), copy of police report (FIR in Indian parlance), copy of passport & visa for the country where the death/accident happened, any other paper as demanded by Insurer.



    1. PK says:

      Thanks Ashal.
      So just to make it clear there are no restrictions on the death/accidents happening in other countries right? It should be perfectly valid even if its in other country.


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