Term Insurance

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  1. Dear Yuva Raj, maximum 20 times multiple of your yly income as sum assured of your term insurance can be offered with out any problem. Beyond this, Underwriters of the Insurer ‘ll look into case to case basis & may provide even a higher cover.



  2. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Yuva Raj,

    In most cases, the insurer would look at an annual income of about 4.5 to 5 lakh for issuing a policy for Rs.1 Cr. In case you does not get 1 crore cover, you can opt for whatever maximum is offered by the insurer and later on when the income grows, opt for adding additional cover from either the same insurer or a new company in form a second policy.


  3. bharat shah says:

    i think , you will be offered life insurance of lesser a/m. if is not as per insurer’s criteria. if once it is issued , and latter your income dips, no problem (of course you need to pay premium regularly!)

  4. Nagarajan Santhan says:

    Hi Yuva raj

    What is your query ? You want to know about Term Insurance ?

    Nagarajan Santhan

    1. Yuva Raj says:

      I want to know the minimum annual income for getting Rs. 1 crore term insurance.

      I it does not meet what will be happen?


      1. Ramesh says:

        What is your annual income?

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