Term Insruance Policy Document : Does not Contain Critical Piece of Info

POSTED BY Samir ON March 13, 2013 2:29 am COMMENTS (9)

Dear Experts,

I bought a Aviva i-Life term insurance policy.

By theory, I am a NRI, but was in India when I bought the policy.

While filling the form, I selected “Resident Indians”.

But later, As I given my USA income proof. Aviva asked me fill a NRI questionaire. Which I filled and duly submitted to them.

After this evaluation, Aviva issued my policy and I received my policy documents.

Question –

1) Policy document (hard copy and soft copy), both does not contain the NRI questionaire I submitted. Is this a concern?

2) Policy document shows my option of “Resident Indian” but I submitted a NRI questionaire form, Is it a problem?? Given they issued policy after evaluating all the info I given to them.

3) Can I ask them to change the info (“Resident to Non Resident”) after the policy document is issued?


Warm Regards


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  1. Dear Samir, the clarification provided by Aviva is good enough. Please keep the hard copy of the No Effect letter along with the policy bond for your (actualy your family’s) future reference.



  2. Rosh says:

    Dear Samir,

    I’m also NRI working in gulf. Can u please explain little bit more experience in buying AVIVA I Term coz i’m also planning to buy a TI during my next visit. What about the premium?? is it loaded coz stating that u r NRI or same as per the premium calculator. Plz share your experience in detail so that it can help a lot..


    1. I am actually quite surprised AVIVA issued the policy to an NRI. An NRI planning to return to the country getting a term plan in India makes sense. For an NRI planning to stay abroad for a consider no of years making a claim maybe a hassle if death occurs abroad. If Aviva has a branch in your city or country and if they will help in processing claims then it makes sense to go for it. otherwise best to opt for a gulf based insurer.

      1. Samir says:

        FFC — I am typical Software Guy.. will return to India in a year or so. Aviva NRI questionnaire did ask how many years you plan to stay abroad.

        Ashal –
        I got a response from Aviva where in they issued me this “NO EFFECT LETTER”

        It reads –
        Dear Mr. Gorey,
        Refer: Aviva i-Life Proposal Number: NUPXXXXXXX
        Thank you for choosing Aviva for your Insurance needs.
        We would like to confirm that we have received your e-mail sent on 15-Mar-13 regarding the following additional disclosures —

        “Regarding NRI questionnaire”

        We appreciate your sending us these additional details and assure you that this will not affect your Policy terms and conditions in any manner. We have also updated our records with the information that you have provided.

        Thank you for being a valued customer.


        Aviva mentioned that they CANNOT give me a updated policy document as policy document can be generated only once against a transaction ID and this “NO EFFECT LETTER” is good enough (they will send a hard copy of same to me”

        Question —
        1) In Your opinion is it a good enough? and will NOT cause any trouble in future?

  3. Dear Samir, keep us updated for the final outcome.



  4. Dear Samir, I accept your reply & w’d like you to do your work fast. My best wishes are with you.



    1. Samir says:

      Dear Ashal,
      I am getting help from Aviva to correct document. Lets hope for best.

      Warm Regards

  5. Dear Samir, at the time of filling the data, why did you not opted the NRI status? Whatever you have stated above is a clear case of materiel facts concealment. Either get it rectified immediately with AVIVA regarding your declaration of NRI status & filing of a questionaire subsequently else surrender the policy immediately to save your family from the pain later on if claim happens at all.



    1. Samir says:

      Frankly speaking it was a unintentional mistake I committed.

      As I said, when asked for, I did submitted a NRI questionnaire with all the details.

      I have sent a mail to Aviva and planning to call them today to understand my options.

      Hopefully they would be having some option to correct it. As the issuance of policy really happened after assessing my NRI status.

      From your response, I see I need to take this seriously and try to rectify ASAP.

      Thanks for your response.

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