Technique of Investing

POSTED BY Prakash ON September 26, 2010 10:58 am COMMENTS (5)

Have heard that Technique of investing can be helpful .Some being – SIP , Laddering ( NSC , KVP etc ) .So if you can share any technique you know can be of help to the investor .

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  1. Just divide your portfolio in different asset class.

    E.g.., if your age is 30 years now, so 100-30 = 70. Invest 70% in equity & rest 30% in Gold, Debt, FD’s.

    Now, in equity, if you don’t have knowledge of stock market, go for diversified equity mutual funds. Don’t go for sectoral funds as they are more risky.

    Never trust anyone blindly. Understand the product completely before signing the application form.

    Consider tax portion also while calculating profit.

    Hope it will help you.

  2. Manish Bansal says:

    Investment Doesn’t Mean Pouring all your savings at one shot. A Smart investment is one who keeps eye and does regular investment Either in Bank FD ( As now a days Banks too offer attractive rates on some Special occasion) , Mutual Fund , Gold, Silver, Commodities, Shares,Property Etc.

    U must keep eye on international market and keep knowledge about Changes.

    U may invest in Gold / Silver By taking a fixed amount on regular basis that’s too profitable now a days.

    U must Diversify all your SIP through out the month so that you may average the up an downs of market.

  3. rakesh says:

    An alternative to Bank FD/Post office MIS would be to invest in Mutual Funds MIP plan.
    They can easily beat the returns from Bank FD/MIS over a longer period of time.


  4. JayaprakashReddy says:

    SIP technique – Normally people start SIP to get the benefit of average value of the fund NAV which is based on the market fluctuation. This technique is specifically for equity funds.

    I even normalize that by having SIP dates throughout the month such as (I’ve 5 funds) each fund SIP date will be 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th of the month.

    This way it will help me average fluctuation of the market within the month. Also it helps me in terms of payment where I dont have to do it on single date.

  5. Chirag says:

    Value Investing! Search for hidden gems 🙂

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