TDS for Immovable Property

POSTED BY Kaushik G ON June 15, 2013 12:19 am COMMENTS (2)


Recently, CBDT has issued a notification on TDS for property to be done by the buyer.

2 clarifications –

  • Is the 1% on the *total* value of the property (including falaana falaana charges like Car Parking, Infrastructure fees, Corpus Fund, etc) or only on the Basic Cost of the property (i.e. Rate per sq ft X Saleable area)?
  • In case of an under construction property where payment is spread out over many years, when is this payable?


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  1. Dear Kaushik, on the basic cost this 1% is aplicable.

    On the time of registration of the property.



    1. Kaushik G says:

      Thanks Ashal! Crisp & accurate.

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