TDS certificate required while Tax filing or not ?

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guys need to understand a tax related doubt , here is how it goes

Ajay works in company XYZ which is a new company, Ajay works there for 6 months and company cuts the TDS amount from his salary , but Ajay then moves to some new company. Now its tax filing time and Ajay has a taxable income . Now the question is

1. Does Ajay need TDS certificate in physical format from the company and enclose it while filing the return or he just has to MENTION it , thats all ?

2. What is company XYZ Is not providing the TDS certificate or has closed down , what happens in that case ?


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  1. Thanks for answer guys !

  2. BanyanFA says:

    I agree with Ashal. There is no requirement to file any TDS statement while submiting the return. It is only a backup document which you must keep to safeguard yourself in case of a tax scrutiny. Ideally, on a regular basis an employee must do a reconciliation between TDS deducted in his monthly payslip and Form 26AS.

    Your TDS details are also mentioned in your Form 16 which a company is mandatorily required to provide to the employee within a specific number of days from Year end.


  3. Dear Manish, TDS certificate is not important but the deducted Tax should be reflected in the FORM 26AS. As per CBDT, now the FORM 26AS is the final proof of TDS/TCS or any Advance/Final Tax paid by the tax payer.

    For the given example, Ajay should check his Form 26AS & if the correct entries are there, no reason to worry. But in case, there is any discrepancy, Ajay should notify to his prev. employer to get it rectified.

    By the way, no matter Ajay is filing offline or online return, no need to attach any TDS certificate or any other documents.



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