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POSTED BY Anurag Srivastava ON February 26, 2013 7:23 am COMMENTS (4)

Hi All,

            TDS was cut from my salary in FY 2012-13.I didn’t submit House Rent Receipts to my Company .I want to know ,how can I get my Tax refund on basis of HRA and when should I file my returns .Please also tell me some Tax saving mutual funds .

Thanks !!

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  1. Dear ANURAG, Tax saver funds, comes under section C & falls within the over all limit of 1L Rs. If you have already crossed the 1L Rs. limit, no need to invest in these funds.

    Please keep the receipts for next 2Y.



  2. Do I need to keep the rent receipts for each and every month

  3. Tax saving MF comes under which section of income tax rebate ? I will do the same ,invest lumpsum now and do SIP for next FY

  4. Dear Anurag, For current FY i.e. 2012-2013, You can claim your HRA benefit at the time of filing your Income Tax Return in the month of May-June 2013. You should e-file your ITR at the following site.

    Regarding Tax Saver MFs, are you asking for current FY or preparing yourself for next FY? Quantum Tax Saver fund ‘ll be my choice. For current FY, invest a lump sum as you do not have time in the current FY. For next FY, you may invest through SIP or STP systematically.



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