Tax calculation on PPF money after 15 year locking period

POSTED BY Triyambak Singh ON January 26, 2014 10:54 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have a PPF account on SBI Bank, I have open this account on oct 2013, My plan is that put around 50000 money in PPF account for each year.I want to know after locking period i.e 15 year how much value would be return . and what are tax calculation rate after 15 year .

Appreciate if any one revert earily

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  1. Triyambak Singh says:

    thanks understand

  2. mundhada says:

    PPF in completely tax free so whatever you gain is tax exempted. The interest rate change every year but they are around 8.5%. per year so at the end of 15th year you should have about 14.66 L

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