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POSTED BY Amit ON February 4, 2013 3:08 pm COMMENTS (2)

Sometime back I have come accross one article on internet about tax benefits of setting up your own company & being employee of your own company over being just owner of the company.

I need that article for one of my friend but unable to find that article. Does anyone have any information this topic?

Thanks in advance…

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  1. Amit says:

    Thanks Ashal for your reply. I am a salaried individual & do understand that complications in tax filling for company.

    I was just asking if anyone has that article publish over internet, which I can send to my friend.


  2. Dear Amit, do you really feel this complicated structure ‘ll help your friend? To run such set up, very soon your friend ‘ll need the services of a highly qualified tax professional & you do know such things come at a hefty price tags. To add more to it, Some of the main contributors of this forum are not at all financial professional on the basis of their qualification. Sample this –

    Manish Chauhan (Owner of JI Forum) – is an MCA
    Ramesh – is a doctor
    Free Financial Calculators – is a physics professor
    Ashal Jauhari (Myself) – is a Chem. Engr. by profession

    Now do tell me, how can any one of us help you or your friend for such a complex thing where one wrong advice can ruin your friend’s wealth in a big way.

    In simple words, all I want to say – this forum is to discuss personal finance & not commercial finance. Hope you w’d understand me.



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