Tax Benefit for Stamp duty and Registration

POSTED BY Amrut ON January 5, 2013 4:12 am COMMENTS (3)


I have bought a house for whih the possession is due in March2014.I ahve done with Stamp duty and Registraion.Will this amount that I have paid towards Stamp Duty & Registarion exempted for tax benefit in this finacial year and under which law?

Can someone clear me.

Thanks in Advance

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  1. Jagdish Gahlot says:

    Hi I am also having same kind of doubts. I need to know few things are really confusing between various answers in different different portals and forums.

    1. My home loan is of 26 lac
    2. My flat is slated to be possessed in the mid 2013 (May be June-July).
    3. Paying the EMI for the entire loan amount but not the amount disbursed to the builder till date.
    4. I have paid my Stamp Duty and Registration in Oct 2012.
    5. I am on rented flat as of now

    My Queries are:
    1. Will I be able to get Tax rebate for both Stamp Duty and registration?
    2. Can I claim both HRA and EMI (Interest up-to 1lac and Principal under section 80C) for tax rebate?

    Please reply ASAP as employer is asking to submit the proofs by this 14th Jan.

  2. Amrut says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for Your reply.

    If you can put some light on the below queries.

    1.As my Spouse is a joint applicant for the agreement that i have made,in this case Will we both be getting the benefit for stamp duty & registration as i am the main applicant.

    2.Why is it so that some employers do not include the stamp duty clause under tax exemption.

    From one of your earlier replies, it made me clear that if an employer is not considering the Stamp duty exemption u can claim it in TDS

  3. Dear Amrut, the same amount is available for tax benefit under section 80c within the over all limit of 1L Rs. in the year of actual payment made i.e. FY 2012-2013.



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