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Husband and wife have a joint savings account, with husband as the first account holder. The wife receives a gift cheque from her married daughter. She deposits this cheque in the joint savings account and thereafter opens a Fixed deposit for the same amount with herself as first account holder and husband as the second holder. This FD is linked to the said joint savings account.

My query is in whose hand the interest on FD is taxable (husband as he is the first account holder of the savings bank account to which the FD is linked) or the wife (to whom the gift was given and who is the first holder of the FD) and likewise whose PAN No. should be stated in the Form 15G?

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  1. Dear PG, as the FD was made from the gifted amount, the actual owner of the FD is wife & so the tax liability rests with wife. Please ask wife in the question to file form 15G.


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