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I have a ULIP policy InvestAssure Flexi (110L055V01) of TATA AIG bought on 19-5-2008 with premium of Total 50k yearly (mode of pymt 12.5 qtrly). I have paid premium for 5 yrs (last premium paid was in May 12) & now intend to stop paying premium henceonwards but will keep the fund intact (mostly till maturity).
i have total fund in \’Whole Life Mid Cap Equity Fund\’ & my insurance agent has advised me to switch to income fund till market is stable.
Do you agree to the advise? funds available are; Tata-AIG Large Cap Equity Fund,
Whole Life Aggressive Growth Fund, Whole Life Income Fund, Whole Life ST Fixed Income Fund, Whole Life Stable Growth Fund.
Please suggest.

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  1. TATA AIG LIFE says:

    Dear Customer,

    We understand that you have certain queries regarding your policy. However in absence of your policy number or contact number we are unable to examine the matter.

    We request you to kindly send us an email on customercare@tata-aig.com or life.complaints@tata-aig.com providing us with the relevant details in order to assist you in thi8s matter.

    In case of any further queries/clarifications, please feel free to contact us 1860-266-9966 or email us at customercare@tata-aig.com.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.

    Yours sincerely,

    Manager – Customer Services
    Tata AIG Life Insurance Company.

  2. dhokiapn@gmail.com says:

    Which is the best & reliable Insurance Co for term cover poiicy

  3. dhokiapn@gmail.com says:

    I’m Holding LIC TERM Policy of Rs 14L so I’m acceleratig to Rs 35L
    which is somehow enough for the family now its to you to suggest me upto which figure should I target

  4. dhokiapn@gmail.com says:

    well I’ll go with 35L

    1. Dear Pradeep, I’m not asking to move to 35L figure or any other figure. I’m asking, how did you come to the figure of 25 or 35L that it ‘ll be enough for your family?



  5. dhokiapn@gmail.com says:

    As I’m holding LIC TERM POLICY -164 22 -ANMOL JEEVAN is to be renew in 15 july 12 so should I RENEW or OPT for SOME OTHER ONLINE
    I am looking for term cover Rs 25 LACS which is the best company to buy

    How about INDIAFIRST online

    Please guide me & let me know

    Dhokia Pradip


    1. Dear Pradip, How do you come to the target cover of 25L? Why it’s 25L not 35 or 50L or more? Any reason to opt 25L figure?

      Please elaborate.



  6. findkshama@gmail.com says:

    Thanks. Will stay invested in the existing fund..

  7. Dear findkshama, If you intend to stop your prem. now on wards, how can an income fund provide the charges (mortality + administration) adjusted real positive return?

    In my opinion, please stay invested either in the existing fund or switch to large cap fund.



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