Tacking returns of MF reinvestment

POSTED BY Nitin Delhi ON June 12, 2014 8:31 am COMMENTS (2)


If I am consolidating my MFs then how do I track them. There are 2 MF SIPs lets call them MF1 and MF2 since Jan 20011 & Mar 20012 respectively.

I have other MFs lets say MF3 and MF4 which i want to consolidate. So i sell MF3 nowin June 14  and will sell MF4 in Oct 14.

After selling  MF3 now I have this lump-sum amount which I want to invest in MF 1 and MF2. Later again in Oct i would want to sell MF4 and distribute the lump-sum received to MF1 and MF2.

Should I mix SIP and lumpsum investment in one folio ?

So years later when i want to check what kind of returns/CGs i am getting from MF1 and MF2 how would check that as it’ll have mixed investment at different times.

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  1. VinManHBK007 says:

    If you can invest or see it is as investment then Perfios.com is a good personal finance consolidation tool. It can calculate internal returns, CAGR or absolute returns as is the case and is linked with most of the AMC’s.

    You can see your all savings bank account, current accounts, credit cards, home loan(s), personal loan if any, LIC policies, Term Insurance, NPS, FD, RD, MF & Stocks.

    Trial version is decent but paid will do all the job.

  2. Hemanth Chandra says:

    you can use ‘XIRR’ function in excel to calculate the returns at any point of time.

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