Switching on IFAST platform and any hidden charges ?

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My CFA has been recommending the I FAST platform for sometime now.I have been told that the advantage is that switching between funds is done based on the market PE ( Higher allocation to Equity funds when PE is low and to Debt funds when PE is high) so as to ensure higher returns and also ensure(?) capital protection.

The I FAST website doesn’t mention this aspect; the answers to the two questions concerning I FAST already existing on this forum also do not address this issue.

Please advise whether this would be a worthwhile step to take and also if there are any hidden charges other than the max 2% of the AUM they have declared.


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  1. suraj275 says:

    Thanks Manish

  2. suraj275 says:

    Thanks Manish and Hemanth.
    In the interim,I had posed the same query to another advisor who said that the important thing is asset allocation and which platform one uses to achieve the same is not important,which of course sounds quite logical;however,the question which still begs to be answered is whether the IFAST platform offers something special which can make a marked difference to a MF portfolio.
    Anyone who is already using IFAST and gained (or lost) from it,please throw some light.

    1. I have seen demo of IFAST platform long back , from what I know its a platform which an IFA can use to execute the transaction without paper work and it helps the overall process to be fast and cover many things which IFA does manually , so from that angle , there is no much benefit for you, but only for the advisor .


  3. Unless you have invested for long term basis , I dont suggest you do lots of switching .. ask your advisor why he does not let the funds grow and wants you to switch ?

    Understand what happens when you switch funds, one fund is exited and another is entered and your advisor gets upfront commission on the new fund. See that this is not done because of this reason and for your benefit primarily.

    I dont think is there any hidden charges in this


  4. Hemanth says:

    Why is he asking to switch to iFAST. Are you investing via your CFA into your investments ? or just taking advice from him and investing yourself ?

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