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POSTED BY Raghav ON January 30, 2013 11:47 am COMMENTS (4)


I have my MF portfolio with Funds India.

 How can i convert to Direct? Should i write to CAMS or MF?Is it possible?




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  1. Dear Kapil, folio no. is just like your bank account no. Your credit & debit entries are made under a folio no. No matter you are purchasing through a broker or direct. So yes, you can purchase directly under an old folio no.



  2. Kapil Tiwari says:

    Dear Ashal, are you suggesting that the old folio number which was allotted in the regular plan can be used even for the direct plan, the only difference being that for the direct plan, one has to approach the AMC directly? So an SIP under a direct plan can be started using the old folio number (earlier used for the regular plan)?

  3. Dear Raghav, please quote your folio no. to each AMC, you are dealing with as of now & ask for online direct option. The customer care staff ‘ll help you out.



  4. You need to register with individual fund houses ‘directly’ and then once you get an online account you can switch your regular MFs to direct plans.

    registering can be done online for some and by a physical visit to the nearest branch

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