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Hi Manish,
Back in 2007 I purchased a property and wanted to safeguard my family in case of eventualities. An agent suggested me to take JEEVAN ANAND for 50L, which I took. But now with the high premium (approx. 1.5L per annum) and EMI amount, it is pinching my pocket a lot. I need your advice please;

1) Is it advisable to surrender the policy?

2) If I surrender now, will I get back my surrender value and also the accrued bonus?

I would highly appreciate your help to clear my mind.

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  1. Prashanth says:

    Thanks Manish, but will i also get some part of bonus accrued till date? I want to make sure of this before approching LIC.

    Ya i know i will loose 40-50% buddy, but thats better that what iam going to pay for the next 35yrs..may b after 10yrs my income earning capability is different that now…

  2. You can surrender it , but the money you will get back is somewhere going to be 40-50% of your premium paid till date . I am not sure if you have any other option anyways .. better surrender it and take the money and end this relationship or make it paid up .


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