Surrender Jeevan Sathi Plan of LIC?

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Dear Manish,

I bought LIC Jeevan Sathi plan in Dec 2005 of SA 2,00,000/-. It is double joint life with profit plan.I pay annual premium of 12,726/- (6363 x 2). I have paid till date all the premiums (6363*14=89082). How to calulate surrender value and return reveived till date on the policy to make continuty decision. The bonus declared for this policy is 44 per 1000 SA, since commencement of the policy. Please help. thanks.

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  1. SS says:


  2. Nilesh says:

    Signature of both or only husband ?

  3. My policy is jeevan sathi.5years have been completed.iwant that iwill get on surrender.

    1. Hi jitendra pratap singh

      The best answer you can get only from the agent you invested through or just contact the company. The thing is your case is a bit personalised and other than company, no one can give accurate information


  4. Dear Srinivas, are you sure for what you are saying? 8% return from this plan? According to what things or parameters, this plan is the best for the person in question? Do you really feel the insurance provided under this plan is adequate for the person?



  5. srinivasa m says:


    first you check the policy features of the policy oits very nice for couples to get insurance cover and smooth returns may be 6 to 8%. so dont surrander the policy. before surrender the policy once you check the policy benefits no noe company will not give you that much of benefits.

    Once you visit LIC office and discuss the policy features with LIC manager, after that you decide it.

    Thank you

  6. Dear Amar,

    There two kinds of surrender values, guaranteed and special. You will get the higher of the two

    (GSV) Guaranteed Surrender Value =30% of total premiums – 1st year premium

    (SSV) Special surrender value = [Sum Assured * (Number of Premiums Paid / Total Number of Premiums Payable) + accrued Guaranteed Additions]*Surrender Value Factor.

    The surrender value factor is zero for first 3 years. For a 20 year policy and 5 years premium paid it will be close to or less than 5/20. You need tables to say for sure.

    you can use this to calculate SSV

    The link does not included bonuses. It will not make a big difference

    Please surrender and invest the money elsewhere as recommended by Ashal

  7. Y Dear Amar, please ask for your surrender value from LIC& then calculate your return. In my personal view you should surrender.



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