Super Top Up – United India Insurance vs L&T ?

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Dear Sir

I am planning to buy Super Top Up – When I looked at policy wordings for United India, it gave me a feeling that it will work like Top Up. It has clauses like mentioned below \”Any claim under this policy shall be payable by the Company only if ….. \”all limits of reimbursement under any other Health Insurance Policy/Reimbursement Scheme available to the insured person/s have been exhausted.\”

Also.. it reads

“Each claim, if more than one, during the period of this policy shall be separately subject to the above Basis of Payment.”

I am trying to understand the meanings of these clauses.

1. Ref to 1st statement – If I have existing policy for 5 Lakh and if I take 3 Lakh deductible, would it mean that I have to consume all 5 Lakh from my old policy?

2. Ref to 2nd statement – Since I am buying floater, when they use word \”separately\”, will they apply deductible on every claim

Sincerely request your help. I have gone thru your post and it was useful.. but I got confused with policy wording (In fact they have Top Up and Super Top up both and wordings are quite same in this area. Thank you!

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