Suggestions over Portfolio of MF’s for a newbie.

POSTED BY Purnachander ON November 23, 2010 8:34 pm COMMENTS (9)

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to this forum and investing also. I was looking into this forum from past few days and found interesting. I’m planning to invest for a long term in MF’s. I taught of investing 1000 each into 4 chosen MF’s. MF’s chosen under my portfolio are:

1) Reliance Regular Savings Balanced – Growth

2) DSPBR Equity – Growth

3) IDFC Imperial Equity – Growth

4) Sundaram BNP S.M.I.L.E – Growth


I’m interesrted in having your comments on whether my portfolio is well diversified and suitable for a long term.


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  1. sainath says:

    I would suggest the following

    1) Reliance growth
    2) HDFC Equity
    3) HDFC Prudence
    4) Franklin bluechip

  2. Ramesh Mangal says:

    I am in complete agreement with the current selection of funds. Since it appears this is your first time in equity and you are planning for a long term. I would suggest you to go ahead from today only and do not wait for any corrections or any upsides. Your SIP will take most of the care of these things. For eg. if you had started a SIP on Jan 1 2007 (near the previous highs) in a large cap fund (eg. Birla sunlife Index fund – growth option) and continued from that day to 1 Oct 2010, your annualised return would have been 16.8%. I have taken an example of a index fund to cancel out any fund manager bias. 🙂 Data is from SIP/non-SIP return calculator from
    Just make sure you have your contingency fund as well as insurances taken care of, as required.

    1. Purnachander says:

      thanks for the views.

  3. Purna

    I would still suggest to invest in debt fund or RD as of now and once markets returns to low levels , then invest, this is not the best time to experience the equity markets . It might leave an impression on you that equities are very risky if markets suddenly turn down


    1. Chakri says:


      In SIP, it doesn’t matter I believe, since when the market is up he may purchase 40 units for Rs.1000 where unit costs Rs.25 for example and for same Rs.1000, he will get 50 units for Rs.20 per unit.


      1. Chakri says:


        When the market is down 🙂

      2. I am just trying to optimize his overall returns by some points . thats all ..

        Agree that if its SIP for long term , it wont matter much , but first time investors do not have patience or understanding some times that markets have different cycles , if some new investor starts SIP now and markets tumble drastically , they will be fearful and will leave the field !

        So better they start when markets are deep down and have started going up . I also suggest starting from balanced funds .


        1. Purnachander says:

          Thanks Manish for your views. It is good to start our journey from lowest level. However, as Chakri said, We are unaware when sensex goes down.

          From past few weeks sensex is falling and erased all gains achieved during Diwali time. So I’m justing waiting to see how much sensex can go down.


  4. Chakri says:


    I believe it is well diversified and good funds also. Those are into Large, Multi, Mid and Small caps. Go with SIP. All the best!


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