Suggestions for financial advisor in Thane

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  1. Prasanna Kottapalli says:

    Follows Dream Plan and Track. He would refer to mfs, insurance, real estate, gold etc… Plan charge would be 12500+tax and no extra commisions chrgd frm clnt

  2. Prasanna Kottapalli says:

    Hi you may call on: 9665738888- Chintan and refer my name. He’s a Financial Planner whom I know very wel.

    1. H M says:

      Hi Prasanna,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Can you let me know the advisory model that Mr. Chintan follows, what kind of products does he refer, commission structures etc.


  3. Dear HM, do you need a face to face conversation at your house or your planner’s office for the comfort factor of physical presence?

    In my personal opinion, you may try the online ones also who may not be there in Thane but can provide a decent job online. Dear Manish & Dear Nandish of Jagoinvestor itself are doing al the work online.

    Think over it.



    1. H M says:

      Hi Ashal,

      Thanks for the reply.

      I am looking for some personal time in the early days. Once the plan is set, I don’t mind connecting up over a call once a month or as & when there is a need.

      Manish is planning to launch something in next few days so will wait for that. Also Moneylife foundation is going to start financial advisory services….however don’t know how this would be.


    1. H M says:

      Hi FFC,

      Yeah I had typed the question, don’t know why it didn’t appear, putting it back again

      Hello Forum Colleagues,

      Till date i was managing my own finances which include MFs, FDs, Insurances (Term, Mediclaims), Cash etc. However now due to paucity of time I am falling short to manage the portfolio & also the efforts to invest on my own. This is leading to unnecessary cash balances in FDs, fragmented portfolio on MFs etc.

      Can someone suggest a good financial advisor in and around Thane? I would be interested in face to face conversations to keep things simple & easy initially. Further am not looking for free advice and am willing to pay a fixed sum or X% of portfolio etc.

      Thanks for the help & building this great community.


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