Suggestion for mediclaim / Health insurance for my parents

POSTED BY raghu ON February 17, 2012 11:24 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi all,

I want to get health insurance for my parents. I’m single and I have a younger brother who is still in college.

Mom : 44 Years
Dad : 53 Years

Any suggestions on which company / plan to go for? I personally already have one mediclaim for 2 lacs + 2 from my employers group insurance.

I guess individual plans will be expensive, are there any specific plans to just cover parents? Will a family floater work?

Any suggestions on the company or plan to look for is much appreciated.



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  1. Dear Raghu, Please opt individual plans for each of your parent. Please check with your bank, there may be a group insurance mediclaim policy available for account holders. It’s prem. is cheap & most of the time it’s available with out any delay or problem (keeping the age of your father in mind).



  2. Individual plans will be expensive , thats true , but those are recommended in this old age now . There are options like Optima Restore from Apollo and from Max Bupa . What filterings or findings have you done from your side till now ?


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