Suggest me the best retirement plan in the market?

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Kindly suggest the best retirement plan in the market which give guaranteed returns after a fixed period of investment and in which the returns on maturity are tax free.

Also suggest me the best mediclaim policy in the market for me and my husband ( 34 & 36 yrs)?

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  1. Paresh Shetiya says:


    I agree with Ashal that no pension plan is the best. The fund manager’s fees and other charges will eat up most of the returns generated by the plan.
    According to me, the best way to plan for retirement is to build your own retirement corpus depending upon your risk taking ability and willingness, with enough flexibility to suit your liquidity requirements during retirement. Irrespective of one’s willingness to take risk, for best results, equity mutual funds should form at least 15 to 20 % of one’s retirement portfolio, as no other product gives flexibility and liquidity with higher expected returns.
    A good certified financial planner in your city should be able to guide you to build an appropriate retirement corpus.

    Paresh Shetiya

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Nvg, no pension plan in the market is the Best. No pension plan as on date gives you guarantee of return. In case any guarantee is there, it ‘ll result in very poor return. why are you interested in pension plans?

    Again there is no such thing as the best mediclaim policy. Based upon your need, opt the one, which fulfills most of your needs. You may contact medimanage people for health policy.



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