Suggest me good debt mutual fund for STP

POSTED BY Ajay Sharma ON January 26, 2012 11:08 pm ONE COMMENT

I want to start Debt fund -> STP > Eqty MF, (i have fundsindia account)
i have selected some Eq Mf like HDFC top 200, HDFC eqty, HDFC prudence, IDFC premier eqty -Plan A and one Gold Fund.
so please suggest me one good Debt fund where i can park my money .

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  1. Dear Ajay, as you want to use Debt fund – STP – Eq. fund route for your investment, you would have to invest in 3 different debt funds of the 3 AMCs you are dealing with, HDFC, IDFC & the gold fund AMC. Please do note you can’t STP from a HDFC debt fund to an IDFC Eq fund. So your task is cut out. Please select the debt funds from the 3 AMCs.



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