Suggest aggressive mutual funds for youngsters to invest ?

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Hi friends, I am 26 years old and a central govt employee, I am investing into following funds what’s your take on this

All are direct-growth fund except the first one which is regular and dividend and all this are monthly SIP. Since I am young and unmarried I want to invest aggressively into equity so have selected lot of sector funds either I will gain high or loss high. Apart from this mutual funds my 25,000/- goes into PPF,EPF etc

1. SBI Gold Fund Reg Dividend – 1000/- pm

2. SBI Magnum Equity – 3000/- pm

3. SBI Gold Fund – 3000/- pm

4. SBI IT Fund – 3000/- pm

5. SBI Emerging Business Fund – 3000/- pm

6. SBI Pharma Fund – 2000/- pm

7. SBI PSU Fund – 1500/- pm

8. SBI Contra Fund – 1000/- pm

9. HDFC Index Sensex Plus Fund – 1000/- pm

10. ICICI Pru Banking & Financial Services Fund – 1000/- pm

11. Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund – 1000/- pm

My main intention is to invest aggressively as to either gain high or loose it in near future. There are no dependent on me as of now so after few years may be 5 years I will invest into less risky equity funds and debt funds then.

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  1. arjunp3000 says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Your enthusiasm to start investing in Mutual Funds at the age of 26 is really good. Starting early can make all the difference. However, it is essential that you have some discipline in diversifying your portfolio and choosing the right funds.

    A good place to start is to speak to a financial advisor. Distributors like FundsIndia offer financial advisory services for free and do not charge you for opening an account. Advisors will take into consideration your risk appetite and recommend funds accordingly.

    Right now you can have a look at our selected funds list. Choose the funds listed under Equity – High Risk as they would suit you best.

    All the best & happy investing!


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Lucky, why did you stop after collecting just 11 funds? Please collect 89 more funds from different AMCs to make the list count to 100. That ‘ll be truly diversified portfolio.

    What the aggressiveness has to do with your money? If you want adventure, please join formula 1 racing, parasailing, rockclimbing, bugeejumping or some other adventurous sports.



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