Stock specific historical data

POSTED BY deb banerjee ON August 12, 2011 6:03 am COMMENTS (3)

I’ve been reading Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and there a lot of emphasis is given on historical dividend yield,EPS of a stock in order to judge its value.The data has to be for atleast 10-20 years.


Can anybody suggest any source(paid or free) for such information in India?

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  1. deb banerjee says:

    Thanks guys for your replies.

    I’ve got a membership of moneysights through JagoInvestor and it has really good info. But only for the last 5 years.I’ll try moneyworks4me and see how it works.

    Yeah, I know I should learn more…thanks for the books suggestions.Actually I’ve just started investing in stocks and have stated with Intelligent Investor.

  2. Ramesh says:

    Do not go by just one book. Have an open mind. Read more (eg Klarman, Philip and Ken Fisher, Dremen if you want to go for Value Investing. Peter Lynch for growth investing, etc). I am not talking about technical analysis at all.

    You should remember “all known information is incorporated by the markets”. almost every professional has read about graham, so his methods are quite well-known.

    Keep learning.


  3. Jagadees says:

    As for as i know, it is difficult to get financial data of 20 years in case of indian companies.
    For 10 years, you can visit which provides 10-year financial data of net sales, EPS, Book value, return of capital employed, debt etc. (Its a paid service)
    For 5 years, you can visit which provides host of data on company’s financials and different ratios, shareholding pattern etc. (Its free service as of now).


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