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Dear All,

I am a graduate working with immense intrest in Stocks… with this interest i have done few Technical courses and i am competent ti anakyse share based on Technical analysis.

However, Technical Analysis have a flaw, i.e they can’t predict MultiBaggers…. hence i have decided to learn Fundamental Analysis. Now the real trouble started here. I am not sure of any institute/inividual so that i can learn Fundamental Analysis… I LIVE IN PUNE.

Can you please suggest me any solution.



  1. Jagadees says:


    Fundamental analysis is more of art rather than science. It requires an all-round knowledge from various disciplines like economics, history, psychology, basic maths & accountancy. Learning about fundamental analysis would be a life-long process. You can very much learn from various investment classics book.
    As a starter, you can start with this book “The little book that beats the market” by Joel Greenblatt and then you can build your knowledge upon.


  2. ramidi says:

    Thanks Manish for the reply…
    I am already in the process of learning… however, what i am figuring out is to develop a startegy or to be precise a checklist of Fundamental analysis parameters so that if one needs to analyze a company he can run through this checlist and find out the financial health/future prospectus/where the stock is priced now so on….

    For finalizing these parameters i was not able to get any help…. if you can find out from your sources, it would be really helpful and once that is done.. we can even publish the same strategy (however after testing for some period) in jagoinvestor….

    I feel there are few articles about stock markets (technical and fundamentals)… which is however a mode of investment and the most beneficiry.

    Please help me Manish to create such Strategy.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Ramesh says:


      Such a strategy is not possible. why?

      1. There are so many variables including sector-specific, company-specific, nation-specific and other outside influences, that all of them cannot be accomodated within a single strategy / checklist.
      2. Even after most rigorous analysis (elsewhere) and back-testing, when the time came for actual implementation of the strategy, they fail. Widespread knowledge tends to be neutralized in stock markets. read “what works on wall street” by James Shaughnessey.

  3. Ramidi

    These guys seem to give it :

    In my personal opinion, I dont think you should learn it from some external source . Fundamental analysis is little bit of creativity also , do it from books etc also .


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